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Social Housing with Kirona

Enabling Efficient & Effective Service

Kirona is the market leader in providing field automation solutions to the UK Social housing sector, with over a quarter of the UK’s managed housing stock maintained using our innovative solutions.

Kirona has a proven track record in enabling the Social Housing sector to deliver a highly responsive and effective service to tenants while ensuring the greatest value for money.

By using Kirona’s Dynamic Resource Scheduling solution (Xmbrace DRS), Social Housing organisations are able to appoint, schedule and manage work in the optimum way. With Job Manager (JM), remote workers remain connected and work can be tracked in real-time; and with InfoSuite (IS), true insight can be gained across the entire operation enabling continuous improvement. Click here to download our product datasheets for more information.

Project Planner

Making Complex Housing Repairs Simple & Efficient

Applying the knowledge gained from working with the housing sector, Kirona have developed DRS Project Planner. This optional, additional module for Xmbrace DRS has been created specifically to manage complex planned works and voids in housing.

The Project Planner module integrates seamlessly with the standard Xmbrace DRS solution and works with the same back-office job and mobile update interfaces.

Project Planner
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Arms-Length Management Organisations (ALMOs)

Kirona has a tremendous track record in helping ALMOs to optimise their field based work and to maximise the productivity of operatives, contractors and field-based workers. In fact, more ALMOs use Kirona field workforce automation than any other solution.

The value we deliver is in the breadth of our solution. It spans the full lifecycle of field-based work from planning and scheduling, to appointing work, through to real-time management and analysis of activity. What is more, our solutions provides value to every aspect of the ALMO from planned and responsive repairs through to estate management and allocations.

Housing Associations

In a similar way to ALMOs, Kirona field workforce automation software is helping many of the leading Housing Associations and Social Landlords to deliver exceptional service to their tenants in a highly productive and effective manner.

We do this by enabling services to be delivered on an appointed basis, ensuring that commitments are met. This ensures you use resources in the most efficient way possible, whether those resources are internal staff or external contractors.


Our solutions not only deliver significant value to contractors in making them more productive and reducing costs, but we also enable them to seamlessly work with their clients as if they were part of the same organisation.

Kirona’s Xmbrace Dynamic Resource Scheduling enables contractors to have their clients directly appoint work and for this work to be planned and scheduled in the most efficient manner. Through Job Manager, contractors can provide clients with real-time visibility of performance against contracted work.

Repair Management

Within Housing Repairs we help Social Housing organisations to significantly reduce costs by optimising resources and increasing productivity. We do this through highly effective dynamic scheduling or responsive repairs which increases jobs-per-day, first visit completions and access gained through appointed work.

By blending responsive repair work with planned maintenance and voids, we are able to ensure the most effective use of resources. This ensures obligations are met and it reduces the time taken to re-let properties.

Housing Management

Kirona Field Workforce Automation is enabling social landlords to drive efficiencies across every housing service that utilises a field based workforce including Customer Services, Estate Inspections, Tenancy Visits, Arrears Management and Property Services.

By combining Dynamic Resource Scheduling with Mobile Working, processes can be streamlined across teams. For example, it provides housing managers with the ability to appoint work in the field. It also allows you to use progress inspections which automatically trigger workflows to colleagues in other departments. It also allows you to centrally schedule and manage activities that span teams.