Environmental Policy

Minimum Pollution when Delivering Solutions

Kirona design, develop and implement Field Service Management software solutions. The company recognises the importance of qualifying the impact of these activities on the environment and we continually seek to minimise any negative environmental impacts, whilst also maintaining the company’s high quality product and service standards.

The nature of Kirona’s business as a non-primary sector (non-industry) company means that Kirona does not contend with many environmental impacts as a result of raw materials (including their obtainment and transport) or with manufacturing processes (including packaging of goods, powering of facilities, noise from production etc.).

Instead, it has been identified by management that Kirona’s environmental impact is primarily as a result of the office environment; paper printing, electrical equipment etc., and through employee transport; commuting for office based staff and general business related travel for staff based outside of the office.

We uphold the Environmental Policy through the leadership of management and employee training and involvement, Kirona is committed to manage its impact upon the environment primarily, but not exclusively by considering and acting upon the following:


  • To build a respect for the environment and the impact their activities have upon it
  • To procure and use recycled materials in business activities where possible
  • To conserve energy where possible through responsible use of electronic equipment and a commitment to recycle
  • To use energy efficient alternatives for transport; public transport, car share, or the company’s Cycle to Work scheme
  • To encourage employees to maintain a safe and healthy working environment for themselves, colleagues, customers and partners


  • Ensure accidents and other environmental impacts are mitigated through risk assessments, and procedures are in place to manage them
  • Support the efforts of Local Government and Community in their environmental recommendations and initiatives


  • Encourage partners to become involved and support Kirona’s initiatives and procedures
  • Recognise partner environmental innovations and initiatives and support them
  • Evaluate and learn from partner environmental procedures

Kirona is committed to reviewing its Environmental Policy on an on-going basis.