What are Kirona solutions?

Kirona have developed a suite of software products that enable organisations with their Field Service Management processes. The suite of solutions gives organisations all the tools they need to receive and create work, appoint, schedule and optimise this work in a variety of ways, despatch work to the field based resources, allow these resources to update the job in the field on the mobile device, update the back office in real-time and provide historical, real-time and predictive reporting.

Which industries does Kirona work in?

Kirona’s solutions are used within organisations across a multitude of different industries. Kirona’s solutions have been developed to achieve maximum flexibility by allowing organisations to configure the system to their requirements, as opposed to having to make do with a solution that doesn’t quite fit their needs. The different modules of the solutions also allow an organisation to take the entire suite of products or use specific modules to enhance incumbent systems.

The Kirona solution can be adopted by any organisation that has a field based workforce and needs to ensure they get the right resource to the right location at the right time.

What are the key benefits of Kirona software?

The core benefit of using Kirona’s resource scheduling and job management software is to achieve operational efficiencies from the workforce and this is usually seen in terms of creating capacity within the field based workforce. This comes from better planning of the work demand, automated work allocation based upon resource attributes and locations, and route-optimisation including real time optimised appointments.

Additional benefits that can be gained by implementing Kirona’s field service management solutions:

  • Increased utilisation
  • Increase in completed jobs per day
  • Reduced appointment lead time
  • Better customer service and satisfaction
  • Automated back office processes
  • Data accuracy
  • Actionable operational insights

Why Kirona?

At Kirona we believe implementing a technology solution isn’t just about the technology itself: we understand it is important to understand the culture of the organisation we are helping, the operational pain points they face, and work in partnership with them to implement a way of working that both resolves these and gives them a future-proof solution. Any customer becomes part of a user community of over 300 organisations, all of whom have a voice in the road map of the solution to ensure that Kirona’s offering never stands still.

Kirona’s team will help you get the right solution for your organisation’s needs. Once the solution is live, you’ll also have a dedicated Account Manager, access to the UK based Customer Support team and the option of undertaking ongoing training and “health checks” to ensure your solution is optimised.

As a Kirona customer you also have the option of joining the User Group. The benefits of the User Group include a two day residential event, networking events, online discussion forums and input into the product road map.

What are the key differentiators of Kirona’s software?

The Field Service market is crammed with suppliers offering similar products, so what makes us different?

  • Kirona own and develop their own IP, which gives us complete control over the functionality and this includes the resource scheduling algorithms – for Kirona scheduling isn’t just a black box
  • Our resource scheduling software algorithm is unique in that it offers the ability to optimise in real time, not in any form of batch routine. This is key when offering any form of appointment
  • Because the solution isn’t industry specific, it can be configured to meet the requirements of your industry, information gathered on the mobile device can be tailored to suit your business and process.

Which mobile platforms can I use?

The Kirona mobile technology is based upon a hybrid model, which means the application is device agnostic and will run on IOS, Android or Windows and still use all of the native features of the device. The solution also runs across different types of devices without a change to the look and feel of the application, allowing seamless use of phones, tablets or laptop.

I already use other systems: can Kirona integrate with these?

Kirona have an extensive knowledge of systems integration: if required the key modules can be delivered independently and integrated into other back-office solutions such as CRM, Document Management, Financial, Housing Management, Works Management and Asset systems.

Does Kirona support the solution?

The UK based Customer Service team are on hand to deliver a helpdesk service to our customers, enabling our customers to log tickets on-line with full traceability of all actions carried out for any support calls. Standard support hours are 08:30 until 17:00 Monday – Friday, however extended support can be offered to cover additional hours and weekends to suite your organisation’s needs.

Each customer organisation is allocated a knowledgeable Account Manager who is available to provide expert advice and support.

Is my data secure?

Kirona’s cloud hosting services provide a secure, flexible platform for your enterprise hosting requirements. With multiple Tier 3 + data centre locations in the UK and platform architecture designed specifically for critical applications, our cloud delivers the very highest levels of security, availability and resilience.

Kirona help our customers to safeguard their data from the ever growing, prevalent and stronger threats, including distributed denial of service attacks and targeted cyber-attacks. We do this by combining our existing security measures with industry leading enterprise threat management solutions to create ThreatShield, a product designed to augment the existing security features of Kirona cloud.

Kirona have been awarded ISO accreditation certificate – ISO 27001 Information Security Management.