Focused Leadership

Founded by David Murray CEO and Neil Harvey CTO, Kirona has experienced a significant growth. Key to this growth and our ability to continue to deliver the best possible solutions and services to our clients is a leadership team. Combined, the members of the team share a common vision, but individually, they bring a unique set of experiences and talents to our organisation.

Meet the team

David Murray - CEO Chief Executive Officer, Kirona

David Murray

Chief Executive Officer

Neil Harvey - CTO Chief Technical Officer, Kirona

Neil Harvey

Chief Technical Officer

Mike Marrison - CFO Chief Financial Officer, Kirona

Mike Marrison

Chief Financial Officer

Peter Mountford - Director of Delivery, Kirona

Peter Mountford

Director of Delivery

Gael Sainson - DRS product director, Kirona

Gael Sainson

DRS Product Director

Nathan Ollier - Chief Operating Officer, Kirona

Nathan Ollier

Chief Operating Officer

Laraine geddes - Marketing Director, Kirona

Laraine Geddes

Marketing Director 

Nick Shipton - Sales Director, Kirona

Nick Shipton

Sales Director

Phil Crewe - Compliance Manager, Kirona

Phil Crewe

Compliance Manager 

Nick Helmsley - Development Manager, Kirona

Nick Helmsley

Group Support and Development Manager