BCP & Six Town Housing go live with latest version of Kirona’s DRS

By David Steer

Kirona’s Dynamic Resource Scheduler (DRS) helps organisations to optimise the productivity of their field-based workforce, helping to make significant savings, as well as improving customer service. At Kirona we are always trying to develop new features for our solutions to make life easier for planners in the office, the workers out in the field, and the customers who receive the service.

The latest version of DRS brings with it improvements and developments that will benefit organisations greatly. For example some new features include:

  • The latest security enhancements
  • New map search feature allowing all town, road and address information to be found in the search box
  • Follow-on configuration
  • Data capture streamlined & simplified
  • New booking hub feature so customers can easily go in and modify/update a booking
  • Diary view & performance optimised

BCP (Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole) Council was one of the organisations to undergo the testing for the latest version and is now live with the new system and already seeing some of the benefits, as David Rutter, Application Developer at BCP Council states:

“We’ve worked closely with the Kirona team as part of the DRS 5.7 BETA programme over the past few months. The process has been extremely beneficial and worked well for both parties. Kirona have been quick to respond to any feedback we’ve had and we’re delighted in how smooth our recent live upgrade has gone. The new functionality and latest security enhancements in DRS 5.7 are a real benefit to BCP Council.”

Another reason why organisations will benefit from this upgrade is the news that Adobe is ending support for Flash Player on 31st of December 2020. As a consequence, Microsoft, Google and other browsers are removing the ability to run Adobe Flash, meaning software that uses Flash could suffer. Upgrading to the latest version of DRS ensures that organisations will not lose any functionality within DRS when Flash does end.

Download our free infographic to learn more.

Kirona work closely with customers to ensure that the process of upgrading to the latest version of DRS runs seamlessly. Six Town Housing are the latest organisation to go live with DRS 5.7 and moving to the new version went smoothly, as Claire Rybczynski, Business Development Coordinator at Six Town Housing describes:

“We have been involved in the Beta Testing programme with Kirona for DRS 5.7. This has worked extremely well and I believe that it has run smoothly with any issues being very quickly and efficiently resolved by Kirona. We always have had an excellent relationship with our account manager and consultant and therefore worked closely together throughout. Any issues that were raised we could easily report to our consultant who would be in constant contact with us.

We are now live with 5.7 and feel like the look and feel of the new version is brilliant and any smaller issues are being dealt with jointly with Kirona.”

If you would like to learn more about Kirona’s DRS and the benefits of the latest version, please get in touch.