Building Efficiency: How Field Service Software Can Optimise Construction Productivity

By Laraine Geddes

The UK Construction Week exhibition takes place on 10th – 12th October and we’re looking forward to exhibiting at Energy 2017, which forms part of this huge show dedicated to renewables, innovation and power solutions within the built environment.

A large variety of organisations are connected to the built environment, from facilities management firms to environmental services, energy suppliers to repair and maintenance contractors. They might have very different service offerings, and vary hugely in terms of the size and scope of their work – but they deal with some very similar challenges.

Understanding the Challenges Facing the Construction Industry

These challenges are often centred on the fact that organisations operating in the built environment typically work on multiple tasks simultaneously, all of which need to come together to form a cohesive project. Think about the hundreds of different tasks that form a typical construction project – and the multiple different timelines that those tasks operate on. Jobs need to be completed in a certain order – and sometimes there is flexibility around this, while on other occasions the order has to remain absolutely rigid. Throughout, incidents frequently occur to disrupt the timeline, whether it’s a delivery of raw materials arriving a day late (or early), or adverse weather causing disruption. And that’s just construction – think, too, about the multiple different jobs that need to be completed when organising a new gas, water or electricity supply, or managing the maintenance of all the properties within a housing association.

Similarly, organisations working in the built environment often feature diverse and dynamic workforces, with different contractors with different skills and different levels of skills, joining and leaving the project at different times, and all of whom who may need to travel from site to site multiple times a day, switching between jobs. Needless to say, managing all this dynamism can be highly complex.

Why Consider a Resource Scheduling Software Solution?

This is where Kirona’s construction based field service solutions come in.  Our Job Manager Software enables operatives out in the field can log on and create jobs as they go. Remote workers and central offices can keep track of jobs in real-time, making it far easier for managers to allocate resource, track the progress of individual jobs against Service Level Agreements, and report back to clients accurately and speedily.

Kirona’s Resource Scheduling software (DRS) ensures that the correct resource with the correct skills or tools is planned and scheduled for the job, and any complex dependencies relating to the job or task have been taken into account, ensuring optimal efficiency and productivity.

Balfour Beatty Implements Kirona’s Automated Management Software

This is exactly what we provided recently to British multinational construction and infrastructure group Balfour Beatty, who came to us when they wanted to improve workforce productivity and streamline processes across their Gas and Water services. We provided the company with a fully integrated mobile management and scheduling solution, enabling it to organise jobs more efficiently than ever before, and guide the delivery of work from inception through to completion.

As well as Kirona’s Dynamic Resource Scheduling and Job Manager software, Balfour Beatty also chose our InfoSuite product, to generate real-time actionable insights into its operations. InfoSuite is designed to drive productivity in organisations, by enabling them to understand their field-based operations from every dimension. A combination of real-time dashboards and analysis of historic data to track trends enables InfoSuite to accurately benchmark individuals’ performance, identify and address productivity issues and drive best practice.

Will we see you at Energy 17? Come and find us at stand E440, 10th to 12th October at the NEC Birmingham – we’ll be running live demos of our Dynamic Resource Scheduler, our mobile application, Job Manager and our business analytics & management tool, InfoSuite.