The latest news from Kirona regarding health and social care, visiting patients at home and in the community, managing a mobile and peripatetic workforce and maximising the time spent with patients. Kirona’s field service workforce management solutions are employed by organisations within the NHS & local authorities to support the complex task of planning, scheduling & monitoring health and social care workers in the community.
Read our articles to find out how health and social care organisations have harnessed Kirona technology and benefitted from improved standards of patient care.

A Renewed Focus on Digital Transformation in the NHS

The NHS currently stands at a critical crossroads in their 70 year history and decision makers are looking at implementing new technology solutions to modernise the service. These have the potential to help improve productivity, minimise paperwork and deliver significant, measurable cost savings....

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Social Care Health Worker With Elderly Female Patient

Home Care Unviable?

The UK Homecare Association recently said that "if additional funds were not invested in the home healthcare sector, it would leave services unviable". This would have a serious impact on organisations that provide home based social care and nursing services....

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Social Care - Nurse with Elderly Male Patient in House

Kirona launches applications for Healthcare

Kirona’s mobile working applications make it possible for medical staff to replace paper forms with data entry via mobile devices. This ensures that the patient data is up to date and accurate and enables medical staff to spend more time providing care and less...

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Community nurse make a house call to senior