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Read our articles to learn how Kirona’s Dynamic Resource Scheduling software is helping organisations across all sectors transform their field-work based operations. Read examples of how organisations have streamlined their scheduling systems and improved management of their field workers and improved their efficiency & customer service.

DRS Truly Real Time Dynamic Resource Scheduling

Kirona’s DRS Resource Scheduling solution provides organisations with a genuinely flexible scheduler capable of dealing with various demand criteria to enable optimal workforce and resource scheduling. Benefits of this system includes providing customers with a self service option which allows them to book a...

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The Need for a Flexible Approach to Scheduling

Nick Shipton, Sales Director at Kirona provides his expert view on dynamic scheduling and how to effectively mobilise field based workers. "This requires a technology based scheduling solution which organises jobs to the appropriate time slots before dispatching them to the field workers mobile...

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Nick Shipton: Sales Director, Kirona Solutions

Job Manager 8

Kirona’s Job Manager scheduling software has been the cutting edge solution for mobile workforces. Job Manager 8 is available on a wide range of mobile devices running: iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, Windows, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry....

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