‘The Digital Business Report’: An independent Survey from Advanced

By David Steer

With the digital revolution for organisations taking off faster than ever, it is important for businesses and software suppliers alike to take stock of where they are at this current time. This report, from Kirona’s new parent company Advanced, looks at the potential reasons that some organisations are not buying in to the digital transformation, and also whether those that have taken it on have received the benefits and if not, why not?

“The 2019 survey provides insight into the pace of digital transformation at British businesses, large and small, and the barriers that are preventing more rapid adoption of tech and digital tools.”

Tola Sargeant, Managing Director, TechMarketView

Digital Strategy

The report opens by looking at the importance of investing in a digital strategy; 28% say their organisation’s digital strategy has been completely successful in helping drive their organisations performance and productivity”. This is a surprisingly low figure considering the benefits that we can see arising from a successful digital strategy and perhaps could be due to organisations not choosing the correct software for their own specific needs. Organisations also need to ensure that the software solutions they are choosing can integrate well for them to be a “truly connected business”. As the Kirona solutions integrates extremely well with other software, this percentage would be vastly increased for organisations that have chosen Kirona’s products.

The Cloud

49% of the respondents have a Cloud strategy in place, however it is worth noting that just 19% say it has given them a greater user experience and 13% say is supports business innovation”. This is a significant and worrying statistic considering that these are the key benefits that the Cloud should be providing these organisations. The report provides some reasons as to why this may be, such as choosing “hyped-up Cloud tools” instead of taking the time to select a software that is scalable to match their organisations size and capabilities, as well as choosing software which can be configured to the organisation’s needs. It also suggests that as there is a significant behavioural change that is required when moving onto the Cloud, perhaps organisations are not taking into account the impact on the staff and not having a sufficient strategy for them to change the way they work, all need to be taken into account when developing a full digital strategy.


30% don’t think their organisation’s leadership team is moving fast enough to keep up with employees’ changing technology requirements”, and 35% don’t think their organisation’s leadership team is communicating with the rest of the workforce early enough when choosing new technology.” This is a key message from the report, that the leadership team are often not the ideal person to lead the digital strategy, and perhaps the ideal solution is to appoint a “digital pioneer to lead the implementation of new technologies”. It also strongly recommends liaising with a digital partner to drive this change as opposed to managing it internally. Kirona would be happy to talk to any organisations that are looking to transform their field service management methods into the digital age.

Some further key statistics from the report:

  • 70% say a lack of integration between their organisation’s business software is holding their organisation back from achieving successful digital transformation”.
  • 36% say security concerns are a barrier to achieving a successful digital strategy”
  • 53% of SMEs say their departments have different needs which cannot be met by a single software solution (vs 63% of large organisations)”

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Source: https://www.oneadvanced.com/digital-business-report/