Field Service Metrics with InfoSuite from Kirona

By Laraine Geddes

Managers of field based workers are finding it increasingly important to have real-time data available to optimise business performance.

Managing a geographically dispersed workforce brings its own unique challenges and Kirona have found that organisations that have implemented InfoSuite reporting dashboards are able to dramatically improve their service.


Real Time Data

InfoSuite utilises the data available from Kirona’s Dynamic Resource Scheduling and Job Manager mobility platform in real-time enabling more effective management of field operations.  Whether it be measures designed to manage jeopardy, look at operative performance and utilisation or delivering key KPIs, the collection and presentation of field service metrics are vital to our customers improving their service delivery.  The real-time element is vital as it enables planning teams, supervisors and management to get a true picture of what is going on in the field.  On top of providing true workforce visibility by showing the progress (or otherwise) of the emerging day, it also enables the management of issues as they arise and provides an opportunity to mitigate jeopardy before it occurs.  When an operative updates a task in the field or when a customer makes a new booking this information is immediately available in the reporting layer giving a full and accurate picture of the service at all times.


Less Is More

It’s tempting for some organisations to ‘over do’ the number of reports and dashboards they create and make available.  This can result in report being created which are then not read or acted on. Ensure your organisation’s reporting is outcome focused, a report or data set is only useful if it provides actionable insight; be that improving your service, identifying training requirements, performance management or key KPIs.


Delivering Metrics To The Field

As InfoSuite enables real-time data on any device at anytime, it is increasingly being used by organisations to enable their field based workers to self manage using bench-marking or personal performance metrics. For example specific InfoSuite charts and dashboards are available at user level for field staff to help drive and assist their individual performance, enabling them to be aware and correct poor performance before it impacts the business.  The metrics used could be a certain number of tasks to be completed in a week, month or year or for example the ability to measure utilisation or efficiency, presenting these metrics for field workers to review their own performance is critical.



By using the wealth of data available from your field service operation, InfoSuite allows you to understand how factors such as seasonal and cyclical services affect your field workforce. It enables organisations to spot historical trends and become smarter in the planning of your future operations. It also enables organisations to identify fluctuating field service demand as a result of seasonal and cyclical work variations. In addition, customers can identify which geographies are under or over resourced which allows you to take measures to ensure you have the optimum allocation of field resources in future. Accurately forecast demand of your services and allocate resources appropriately

Infosuite has enabled many organisations in industries as diverse as retail, utilities, housing, health and government to generate actionable insight that have had a demonstrably proven benefit across all areas of their field service operations. It is vital that the reporting is concise, accurate and in real-time.

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