Work Management Solution

Field Workforce Management Solutions

That Span The Complete Lifecycle of Your Service

Individually, our Field Workforce Management Solutions enable organisations to address key challenges they face in delivering their field service.

Collectively, Kirona’s suite of field workforce management applications allows you to effectively control and optimise the complete life-cycle of your operations, driving productivity, reducing costs and improving the service you deliver.

Dynamic Resource Scheduling

Planning & scheduling and managing the emerging day are two very attractive qualities of our Dynamic Resource Scheduling solution. Ensuring your organisation gains real-time management and stays in control of any unexpected changes that may occur throughout the day.

Analytics & Performance Management

Organisations gain valuable real-time visibility into their field workforce operations, enabling corrective action to be taken in a timely manner. Kirona also provides a comprehensive holistic view of your operation that allows you to continually improve areas that are affecting workforce performance and operation efficiency.

Mobile Field Workforce

Seamlessly connect your field workforce with a single application that unites them with the office. Manage a geographically dispersed workforce, automatically allocate work to them, engage in real-time tracking on progress and streamline information flow with Kirona Job Manager (JM).

Customer Service & Appointments

Enabling appointments to be provided to customers at the first point of contact while ensuring that every appointed slot is the most cost efficient use of your resources. Thus, improving customer service and satisfaction whilst reducing costs with Kirona solutions.

Resource Planning & Forecasting

Deliver maximum productivity and excellent service to your customers through resource planning and forecasting. Kirona’s software enables you to do this by taking into consideration every attribute of all resources (including people, locations, equipment and vehicles) when planning and optimises deployment across the complete range of field-based tasks.