Analytics & Performance Management

Get Holistic, Real-Time, Actionable Insight with Kirona Field Service Management Solutions

The challenge for any manager of a predominantly field-based workforce is how to maintain real-time visibility of the tasks being performed and to gain a holistic view of the efficiency and effectiveness of their operation. Real-time management information is provided from Kirona’s Field Service Management Solutions including our dynamic resource scheduling application DRS, and from our mobile working application, Job Manager. However, when combined with InfoSuite, organisations are provided with comprehensive mobile workforce performance analytics and management capabilities.

Field Service Management Solutions

Real-Time Visibility

We help managers to understand what is happening right now, across their field-workforce. Which jobs have been completed? What work is currently in progress? How the day is tracking against the schedule?

By having this information presented real-time in a visual and easy-to-digest format, managers have the ability to identify potential issues early and to take corrective action immediately. This ensures that every resource is optimised efficiently and customer commitments, whether implied or contractual, are met.

Workforce Productivity

Kirona Field Workforce Performance & Automation software enables you to analyse the performance of each field-based worker and to benchmark performance across your complete organisation.

Potential issues can be identified immediately, and detailed analysis performed, to understand the underlying root cause. Action can then be taken to address operational factors affecting performance and undisputable metrics can be used to manage individual performance.

Operational Efficiency

With an holistic view of the operation provided, our clients are able to fully understand every dimension of their field-based operation. They can understand patterns in work demand, the geographic distribution of work and the costs associated with performing each task.

This means that operational inefficiencies can be quickly identified and corrective action taken to address them. It also enables far better planning, ensuring that the right resources are available in the right locations to meet demand in the most cost-effective way.

Field Service Management Solutions