Optimising Field-Based Workforce Productivity

Maximising Productivity & Customer Service

Any organisation that has a field-based workforce faces the same challenge: how to maximise productivity, optimise the use of resources available and deliver the best possible service to customers at the lowest possible cost.

As a leading provider of Dynamic Resource Scheduling Solutions, we help our clients to do just this with Kirona’s DRS Scheduler. Through our software, we help organisations with field-based workers to consider every permutation of work allocation and to continually review this as the working day evolves. Over 40,000 field-based workers benefit from using Kirona’s DRS Scheduler each day.

Optimising The Work Schedule

DRS Scheduler is a Dynamic Resource Scheduling Solution used by thousands of work planners across a wide range of industry sectors. It enables them to schedule field-based workers far more efficiently, maximising productivity and to deliver on promises to their customers.

Our software utilises complex mathematical algorithms developed for over 10 years to calculate the most efficient allocation of work. In seconds, it calculates thousands of parameters when allocating work including: work type, resource skills, language requirements, equipment needed, location and time required. All of these factors are considered to provide your service with the optimal work plan that will increase the number of jobs, activities and visits possible each day with your current workforce.


Route Optimisation

A key component of DRS Scheduler is a comprehensive route planning engine that enables travel time to be taken into account when allocating work. This not only considers point-to-point distance between locations, but the street-level route and average travel speed.

What would take a person several days to consider, our Dynamic Resource Scheduling Solutions do in seconds. As such it can take account of all of these factors when optimising an entire workforce’s route during the day, to minimise the time spent travelling and maximise their productive time.

Handling The Emerging Day

If you are providing responsive services or fulfilling appointed work, there is always an unexpected event that can have an impact on the optimised schedule. We address this by continuing the scheduling process during the day to ensure the emerging day can be taken in your stride.

Emergency work, job overruns or unexpected availability of workers are all instantly taken into account and the day’s work dynamically rescheduled to ensure that whatever happens, you are always working to the most productive and cost effective schedule.