Customer Service Appointments

Immediate, Efficient and Kept with our Field Service Management Solutions

Where an organisation offers customers an appointed service it is essential that is both achievable by the provider and convenient for the customer. It is also in the service provider’s interest to not only offer a good customer service, but also ensure that workforce productivity is maximised. Through our Job Scheduling Solutions like Dynamic Resource Scheduling software (DRS Scheduler), we enable customer service teams to offer customers appointments during their first call and to ensure that what is offered is the most cost-effective slot available.

Job Scheduling Solutions

Appointment Visibility

By linking our Job Scheduling Solutions with your customer service teams or customer self-service applications, customers can be provided with a specific time for their appointment during the first point of contact, whether that is through a contact centre, website, or in person.

This is possible through scheduling optimisation, which provides visibility of appointment options that takes account of the appointment-type and location and matching them to required resources and their availability.

Kirona’s Job Scheduling Solutions enables organisations to move away from inefficient paper-based processes for managing their field teams. Jobs can be assigned to individuals according to the location and skill set of staff, so if a particular task is unexpectedly time-consuming, there is no knock-on effect on the team’s overall efficiency.

Optimising Appointments

What’s unique about the way we enable work to be appointed, is our ability to guide the customer representative to offer the most cost-effective slots each and every time an appointment is made.

We do this not just by identifying available slots, but also by evaluating the cost of fulfilling each appointment time, based on resource available and estimated travel time. We then provide customer service representatives with a colour-coded list of available slots so that they can balance customer convenience with workforce optimisation.

Ensuring Appointments Are Kept

Missed appointments or finding the customer not-at-home when your field worker arrives, has a significant detrimental impact on productivity and operational costs. We address this by placing customer engagement at the heart of our Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS Scheduler) solution.

Text or Email messages are sent to the customer to confirm appointments, reminders are sent on the day of the appointment and alerts issued to notify when the member of staff is on their way. What is more, in the unlikely event that a worker is going to be late, the dynamic scheduling software will re-distribute work to colleagues in order to ensure the customer commitment is met.