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We enable our clients to optimise and better manage the services undertaken by their field-based staff with our Mobile Workforce Solutions. Our Job Manager mobile application connects the mobile workforce with office staff and all back-office functions, ensuring critical information is provided to field workers and managers when it is needed.

Through Job Manager, organisations are able to transform the way they work, increasing productivity, gaining unprecedented real-time visibility and ensuring that customers’ expectations are always met.

Mobile Workforce Solutions

Seamlessly Connecting You to Your Field Workers

Thousands of field-based workers are embracing our mobile Job Manager (JM) software to deliver more effective service. The key value provided by Job Manager is the way it connects office based functions with the field and spans the full lifecycle of field-based activity from allocation to completion.

Empowering Field Workers

By providing field workers with Job Manager, organisations are able to empower their workforce to be far more effective. Not only are they better informed of the work they are required to complete, but they are able to instigate tasks in the field that traditionally would have to be passed to central teams, incurring additional delays and effort.

Mobile Workforce Solutions

Streamline Processes

A geographically dispersed workforce can add complexity to processes with gaps in information exchange, information captured in the field having to be re-entered into systems and delays between workflow steps.

Through allowing the field worker to capture information on their mobile application, paperwork is eradicated along with the need for workers to return paperwork to base and for information to be rekeyed into your systems.

With the electronic capture of information, processes are instantly streamlined with customers billed, follow-up appointments made and data captured posted directly from the mobile application into the relevant centralised systems.

Real-Time Visibility

Visibility into your field service organisation is key in order to ensure you are both driving productivity and meeting customer commitments.

By connecting your field workforce with Job Manager and exchanging information electronically through the mobile device, you instantly obtain real-time visibility of the end-to-end field service process.

With Job Manager, office or field-based managers and supervisors have complete visibility of the location of each field worker, the activity that is in progress and work completed against the schedule.


Mobile Workforce Solutions

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