Job Scheduling Software

Connecting Field Based Workers

We enable organisations to connect centralised teams with their field-based workforce with our Job Scheduling Software. This ensures that information flows seamlessly between the two, that real-time visibility is obtained and that processes are streamlined to significantly drive productivity improvements.

Thousands of field-based workers are embracing our mobile working solution Job Manager (JM) software to deliver more effective service. The key value provided by Job Manager is the way it connects office-based functions with the field and spans the full lifecycle of field-based activity from allocation to completion


Streamlining Processes

Job Manager is Job Scheduling Software that enables processes to be streamlined by connecting the field with office-based teams and eradicating the need for paperwork. It enables you to define the optimum way to work and then automate the processes that support this, from scheduling and allocating work through to delivering the information required directly to the field worker’s mobile device.

Automate Processes – JM enables you to define your processes and then for these to be fully automated in terms of the flow of information and actions associated. Tasks performed in the office can automatically trigger information being flowed to the field and updates from the field can automatically trigger office-based processes.

Allocate Work – By combining Job Manager with DRS Scheduler, work allocated to the field can be automatically sent to the field worker either as a digital job sheet or as a single job allocation. This ensures that even if work is reallocated during the day, everyone knows what they should be doing.

Exchange Data – Job Manager eliminates paperwork, as the information required by field-based workers is pushed to a worker’s mobile device and information captured in the field is pushed back in real-time to centralised systems. This not only speeds up information exchange but also reduces the effort required in paperwork completion, submission to the office and re-keying of information. It also ensures a single system holds all data you might capture in the field; forms photos, signatures, scans, part & materials etc.

Work Your Way – We appreciate that every organisation is different and so too is how they work. This is why Job Manager does not restrict you to a set of predefined forms or processes flows. It provides you with a flexible, user-tailorable environment – you define what information you want to capture, the flow of processes and how you manage your field workforce.

Real-Time Visibility

By connecting your field workforce with Job Manager and exchanging information electronically through the mobile device, you instantly obtain real-time visibility of the end-to-end field service process.

With Job Manager, office or field-based managers and supervisors have complete visibility of the location of each field worker, the activity that is in progress and work completed against the schedule.

Real-Time Activity – through the use of Job Manager, field-based workers are able to accept work, provide status updates on progress and complete tasks. This enables managers to have a real-time view, not only on the activity taking place, but on progress against the day’s work schedule.

Empowering Field Workers

By providing field workers with Job Scheduling Software, organisations are able to empower their workforce to be far more effective. Not only are they better informed of the work they are required to complete, but they are able to instigate tasks in the field that traditionally would have to be passed to central teams, incurring additional delays and effort.

Online Information – through Job Manager, field based workers can be provided with full and comprehensive information about the job they are undertaking and, where necessary, can gain access to knowledge bases or technical documentation that is stored in office or cloud based systems.

Rescheduling Appointments – With a direct link to DRS Scheduler or your centralised appointment system, Job Manager enables follow-up appointments to be made in the field with the customer. No need for a follow-up call or for the customer to phone a contact centre.

Mobile HR – Job Manager is more than just sending field workers their next appointment. It’s a comprehensive system tailored to people who don’t spend much time in the office. Its gives them the ability to undertake key processes such as vehicle check forms, filling out time-sheets, and even setting lone worker safety alarms.

Job Manager Illustration

Location Services – by utilising location services, managers are able to track the location of each field-based worker, enabling them to utilise this information when dynamically scheduling work throughout the day or responding to emergency call-outs.

Updates & Information – not only do managers gain visibility of progress but they also gain real-time updates on each job. Information from the field enables them to quickly respond to customer needs. For example, a photo from the field can be quickly passed to office-based managers to assess work required and direct field workers.

Protecting Your Lone Workers

Job Manager’s iSafegaurd feature protects and monitors your lone field workforce. If your employees in the field feel their safety is at risk they can press the panic alarm or set up an alarm timer within the app. If these are not deactivated a notification will be sent to the back office and with real-time visibility, the control centre can get in touch with the operative and send someone to that employee’s location.