Seamless Work Flow

Enhancing Your Work Management Efficiency

Work Hub is a work management system from Kirona that unites your back office team, mobile workforce and customers. It provides a simplified, seamless and stable management of the end to end workflow for your organisation, from the creation of work, scheduling, allocation and deployment to a mobile workforce.

Work Hub provides enhanced efficiency, with accurate, real-time information and resources to your field-based workforce, delivered directly to their mobile device. Mobile workers are able to access and relay information securely, ensuring that information is unified throughout the organisation.

Combining Kirona’s suite of solutions enables you to configure a field service management solution that meets the demands of your business. Kirona’s solutions include Work Flow Management, Appointment Booking and Dynamic Scheduling, Reactive Maintenance Management, Job Costing, Mobile Working, Void and Complex Planned Work Management, Contractor Management, Asset Management, Customer Engagement and Performance Monitoring.


Work Management System

Work Flow Efficiency

Work Hub is a back office work management system that enables improved efficiency with stable, reliable, real-time information across your organisation. Combining Work Hub with Kirona’s Dynamic Resource Scheduler, Job Manager mobile workforce application and InfoSuite business information solutions enable even greater benefits.

Work Hub enables you to improve the efficiency of your organisation’s reactive, responsive work management, as well as cyclical and planned work management, including complex projects.

When jobs require pre or post inspections or visits, Work Hub efficiently deals with the workflow that is required.

For jobs such as gas and electrical safety inspections or certification, Work Hub will enable the task to be undertaken by the mobile worker providing them with a full picture of the asset. Work Hub also enables follow-on work management. These factors combine to empower the mobile worker to do a better job, achieve greater efficiency and ultimately customer service.

Work Hub enables your organisation to deal with the issue rather than the task, mapping the issue to the different jobs and work flow required to resolve the issue.

Field Service Excellence

Work Assessments are an opportunity for a mobile worker such as a Surveyor or Supervisor to define the required work in detail Рincluding tasks and materials requirements.  Upon completing Operative Jobs, the mobile workers can record the work has been done including completed tasks and actual materials used. Once the required work is completed, Work Hub can create a Work Audit to facilitate quality assurance, and trigger a request for sign off of the cost of the work.

Work Hub includes Job Costing and sub-contractor management functionality to enable you to report against budgeted costs and the actual cost. It also enables you to reject price variances again budget giving you an audit trail and greater control of your budget. Kirona’s InfoSuite software can be integrated with this to¬†enhance the information, such as highest cost increase by contract against standard rate.

Asset management with Work Hub is simplified as geographical areas can be modelled to include all required information relating to a particular asset. This could include inspection due dates, installation dates and models, as well as risk registers to record things such as the presence of asbestos. This not only empowers the field based worker but warns them regarding potential danger.

Performance monitoring with Work Hub can provide intraday monitoring as well as user-defined historical performance monitoring. This information provides you with actionable insight that ensures your organisation achieves field service excellence.

Sandwell Council Work Hub Case Study