Integrated Management Tasks: Infographic

Our Technology

Flexible, Secure & Reliable

Our field service management systems are not only feature-rich and intuitive; they are underpinned by highly flexible, secure and reliable technology that ensures that our customers can depend on our solutions for managing their workforce.

Our technology is highly configurable and can integrate seamlessly into your current and future infrastructure. Our mobile technology enables you to provide field workers with the most appropriate device to support them and our deployment options allows you to consume our applications in line with your IT needs and policy.

Configurable Software

At Kirona, we recognise that no two clients are the same and neither is the way they organise and operate their field workforce. As such, we have designed our solution to work the way you work and to evolve as you evolve.

All our field service management software is end-user configurable and not reliant on IT colleagues. What that means is that the way you want to work is not restricted by our software. On the contrary, our software enables you to automate your field workforce to work the way that best serves your organisation and your customers.

Seamless Integration

Kirona are software integration specialists. We have to be. With the goal of streamlining processes and the flow of information, integration into your IT environment and current and future systems is key. To date, our software has been integrated with over 70 third party systems, including ERP, CRM, departmental applications, EDRMS, Job Scheduling, GIS and Financial Systems.

Our field management systems have their own web services that can use utilised by both Kirona and our customers for integration. But we also utilise flat file integration and our non-invasive robot integration to integrate with legacy systems that are not web service compatible. Through this integration technology, data that can be pushed and pulled to and from multiple legacy systems, yet insulating the end user from knowing or caring where the information on their screen has come from, or is going to.


At the heart of our field workforce automation solutions is an intuitive and easy to use mobile workforce application called Job Manager. It’s a feature rich application than can be configured for virtually any field workforce business process, and has full off-line capabilities for when network signal is poor or non-existent.

As a multi-platform application, Job Manager can be used on Smartphones and Tablet PC’s running Android, iOS, Tizen, Windows or Windows Phone, and can be utilised with most of the leading mobile device management platforms. This means that it’s easy to deploy and manage across your business.

Hosting Flexibility

We provide our customers with choice in the way they deploy and consume our application software. All applications can be purchased and installed within your environment, on your servers and under your management.

Alternatively, you can have it run in the cloud by utilising Kirona hosting services. This can be tailored to whatever security and disaster recovery requirements you could require, with full application and environment management. With this approach, software is already installed, enabling you to use an Opex “pay-as-you-go” model.

Resilient Technology

Software is only as good as it is reliable. That’s why Kirona has invested significantly is developing technology that is highly scalable and resilient. We’ve also invested in industry-leading security to give you total peace of mind. It’s why we are trusted by leading public sector and commercial organisations alike.

Kirona’s field service scheduling software can be installed within your own server environment, or in the Kirona Private Cloud; a VMWare vSphere platform, using multiple hardware nodes and SAN-based storage to provide a highly secure, multi-tenanted application platform. This environment provides numerous high-availability and fault-tolerant features – including automatic failover of VM’s between hardware nodes and robust backup and recovery techniques using VM snapshots.