Delivering on Service Level Agreements

In the most cost-effective way

Our Field Service Management Tools allow Asset Maintenance Management organisations to maximise the productivity of maintenance staff and contracted trades. Our software ensures that planned work is completed on schedule and responsive services are delivered in line with agreements.

Our powerful combination of Field Service Management Tools tailor made for asset maintenance tracks progress on work that can span many sites over a wide geographic area, as well as gaining a valuable overview into your operations. Whether your business is maintaining lifts, replenishing vending machines or providing a call-out service to mission-critical IT equipment, we help you to deliver a highly responsive service in an optimised and cost-effective manner.

Dynamic Resource Scheduler DRS Software
Job Manager JM Field Worker Mobile Application
InfoSuite IS Field Workforce Analytics Software
Workhub WH Workflow Management Software

Asset Maintenance Workforce Management

How we help our clients in

Asset Maintenance Management

Responsive Resource Management
Seamlessly Connect Workers with Systems
Improve Accuracy and eliminate paperwork
Real-time Visibility on Job Status
Real-time Insight Drives Efficiency

Dynamic Planning & Scheduling

Kirona’s software enables Asset Maintenance Management organisations to automate the complex process of allocating the available human resources, equipment and parts to the required work. This process makes real-time assessments, which considers the most efficient use of resources such as trade, skill level, location and resource cost. Our powerful route planner application allows you to dynamically schedule resources so that the closest and most appropriate resources are always assigned to each task.

Our software enables you to optimise your workforce in order to perform planned and ad-hoc maintenance work across multiple locations in the most efficient way. Whether the job covers on-site machinery repair, cleaning services, grounds maintenance or facilities maintenance, you create a schedule that minimises downtime and maximises productivity.

Respond in Real Time

Our Field Service Management solutions benefit organisations by reducing the costs associated with providing responsive services, including requested work and emergency repairs. Workflow interdependencies can be defined for each individual work task, the system is then capable of dynamically rescheduling resources when work overruns or is completed ahead of schedule.

Mobile Workforce

Kirona’s mobile workforce management application allows your back office control centre to seamlessly connect with your field-based workers. Service managers benefit from real-time visibility of field workers activities and locations, allowing direct monitoring and control of the daily schedule. Job updates and information are synchronised in real-time with centralised systems and presented directly to workers mobile devices. All job data, which includes signatures, photographs and work orders are collected automatically improving process efficiency and eliminating paperwork.

This optimised process allows your organisation to track the entire life-cycle of each job in real-time, ensuring that the appropriate services are being provided correctly at each location and delivered in line with specified SLA’s (Service Level Agreements).

End-to-End Operational Insight

Kirona’s InfoSuite business intelligence and analytics software delivers end-to-end visibility for asset management organisations, in real-time. With a holistic view over their entire operation, managers gain a better understanding of resource capacity and the cost implications of fulfilling customer requirements. This allows managers to track performance ensuring that the organisation is delivering against KPIs and SLAs.

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