Increase Efficiency and Accountability

Improve the coordination of visits, inspections and assessments

Kirona’s Field Service Management Software enables Central Government organisations to deliver services, inspections and reporting to international standards. Kirona is an approved supplier to the UK Government under the G-Cloud 10 Framework.

Our software solutions span the complete field service management lifecycle, from planning and scheduling through to service delivery into performance management and continual improvement. With a single integrated job scheduling solution, we are supporting the public sector organisations to increase adoption of field service management technology that improves the coordination of different visits, inspections and assessments.

Central Government Field Service Software

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Central Government

Performance Excellence
Complete Workforce Visibility
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Streamlined Workflow

Holistic View

Kirona’s field service management solutions assist central government in their pursuit of productivity and efficiency improvements through the adoption of field service management technology that streamlines the coordination of different visits, inspections and assessments.

Our Field Service Management Software can be seamlessly implemented and shared securely between local authorities, government agencies and inspection scheme organisations. This delivers a holistic view, with a flow of accurate, reliable data into one secure source that is accessible by both departmental managers and field-based inspectors, connecting the back-office with field workers in real-time.

Real-time visibility

Inspection appointments are planned and scheduled using dynamic resource scheduling, which automates and optimises the process to meet key performance indicators such as minimising travel time and no access issues. After each inspection, data is automatically sent to the central database where it feeds into wider data analysis and process optimisation.

Job Manager allows field inspectors to access data about particular cases while in the field, and share their progress on the job with headquarters in real time. They can also record and report all inspection data, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Mobile Workforce

Kirona Job Manager integrates with DRS Scheduler, allowing public sector staff delivering services in the field to view information required to carry out their job, eliminate paperwork, speed up job completion, and support data capture on a range of mobile platforms and devices. This model can support shared service and drive efficiency for those organisations encouraging scheduling and mobile working across multiple organisations or service areas.

Seamless Workflow

Kirona Work Hub unites your back office team with your mobile workforce and customers. It provides a simplified, seamless and stable management of the end to end workflow for your organisation, from the creation of work, scheduling, allocation and deployment to a mobile workforce.

Performance Management

Kirona InfoSuite is a comprehensive management analytics solution that provides Central Government Organisations with valuable actionable insight into their field service operations from tracking performance against KPIs and SLAs, simultaneously making life easier for the organisations and delivering efficiencies that ultimately benefit the taxpayer.