Maximise the Time for Care

Through Optimised Scheduling & Mobilisation of Community Based Care

To relieve the pressure on hospitals and offset the costs associated with inpatient care, there is a growing need to provide community-based care that joins up health and social care provision. However, planning, scheduling and mobilising skilled healthcare workers in the community is a highly complex task, if not managed correctly it could fly in the face of improvement initiatives and actually lead to falling standards of patient care.

Kirona can help health and social care providers to increase the time available to deliver services and make cashable savings by optimising resource scheduling, reducing staff travel time and streamlining the flow of information, securely to the community-based workforce.

We can do this through our suite of Mobile Workforce Solutions for Health and Social Care. Firstly, Kirona’s Dynamic Resource Scheduler optimises the working day of each health and social care professional. Then Job Manager connects the community based health workers to back-office systems and resources they need, with accurate, secure information delivered directly to their mobile device in real time through. Additionally Job Manager’s iSafegaurd feature protects and monitors lone workers allowing them to notify the back office if there is an emergency or if they feel their safety is in danger. Finally, InfoSuite analytics software provides true insight across the entire operation enabling continuous improvement.

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Mobile Workforce Solutions for Health and Social Care

How we help our clients in the

Health & Social Care Sector

Improved patient experience
Increased productivity
Reduced costs
More efficient management
Mobile workforce safety

Improved Patient Care

Kirona can help both public and private healthcare providers increase the time available to deliver more efficient healthcare services through intelligent field services.

By using Kirona Mobile Workforce Solutions for Health and Social Care, hospitals, trusts and NHS services can help drive greater efficiency in their services and deliver a far better patient experience. With secure immediate access to patient information and a reduction in phone calls, your health and social care staff could then provide better patient care and experience.

Increased Productivity

While it faces its own specific challenges, healthcare services can learn a lot from other sectors in terms of implementing and integrating technology for improved productivity, increased utilisation and real time workforce visibility. Utilities, social housing, construction, local government have all invested in technology to reduce costs, and deliver high standard services to customers.

More Effective Management

Kirona’s DRS Scheduler can be integrated with patient record systems, enabling auto-scheduling of community based health and social care teams, delivering greater visibility with real-time status updates, live tracking and alerts. Read our blog about digital transformation in the NHS to find out more.

Reduced Costs

By always aligning the right people, skills and equipment to each activity and ensuring that appointments are scheduled in a manner that minimises travel time and maximises the number of tasks that can be completed, you will increase productivity. By using Kirona Mobile Workforce Solutions for Health and Social Care, hospitals, trusts and NHS services can drive efficiency in the services they deliver, reduce unnecessary travel time, cut paperwork and deliver a far better patient experience.

Combining mobile applications with SMS and Email technology to send patients advance appointment reminders and “clinician on route” messages, reduces no access visits which reduces postage and call costs.

Keeping Mobile Workers Connected

By failing to have visibility of operations in the field, health bodies are at risk of losing control of services and funding. Kirona Workflow Management Systems for healthcare can enable your mobile health and social care workers to connect to the systems and information they need when they need it.

Mobilising community based health workers with Kirona Job Manager means processes are instantly streamlined. District nurses, reablement teams and carers can then access the information that require on their mobile devices. Information logged during their visits can then be automatically and immediately uploaded to centralised systems, allowing them to communicate seamlessly with office-based coordinators.

NHS: Staff Management Solutions

Kirona can enable the NHS to transform the way it delivers services, whether that be for District Nursing, Midwifery, Mental Health Care, GP, Ward-based Clinicians or other areas that require staff to visit and treat patients.

We can do this by providing Workflow Management Software for the NHS, including Planning & Scheduling applications that enable visits to be appointed in the optimum way. Dynamic intra-day scheduling allows for emergencies and exceptions to be taken in your stride. We can also enable mobile health staff and social workers to remain connected through mobile applications that provide them with the information they need to deliver patient care. These mobile applications also reduce paperwork by capturing information in the field directly into centralised systems.

By using Kirona’s Field Service Management applications, Hospitals, Trusts and NHS Services can drive greater efficiency in the services they deliver, helping to reduce unnecessary travel time, cut paperwork and deliver a far better patient experience.

Private & Non-Profit Organisations

Kirona can also help the healthcare private sector and non-profit organisations to optimise services and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the care they provide in the field. We can do this through our comprehensive Work Management Tools for non profit organisations which ensure that the right person is aligned to each patient and maximises the time that field-based staff spend with patients.

By mobilising field based workers with Kirona Job Manager, processes are instantly streamlined. The information that field-based practitioners and carers require is presented to them on their mobile device. They can capture information during their visits and this information is then automatically and immediately uploaded to centralised systems.

By using Kirona field automation applications, private and non-profit healthcare providers are able to operate a highly efficient appointment-based service that maximises the productivity of each mobile health professional while meeting their commitments to patients and delivering the best possible service.

Local Authorities

Kirona can assist Local Authorities in the delivery of their healthcare related services that range from Social and Domicilliary Care as well as joint services with NHS trusts.

By utilising Workflow Management Solutions for Local Authorities like DRS Scheduler, local authorities are able to plan and roster their staff in the most efficient way to manage services demand. Route optimisation and intra-day scheduling then ensure that travel time is minimised and time with service users is maximised.

Kirona Job Manager used on a mobile device, can securely provide mobile workers with comprehensive data for the service user, and the ability to record all actions taken whilst on site and update back-office system records remotely.

Featured Case Study

Health & Social Care - North Lanarkshire Council

Kirona’s mobile workforce solution has enabled North Lanarkshire Council to increase productivity, reduce costs and adopt a proactive approach to mobile working.

The council’s main challenge was front-line care. North Lanarkshire Council’s mobile staff currently carry out 2.7 million home visits a year, meaning around 7,500 home visits are made every day. The challenge of scheduling was very, very difficult. They were making 2 million phone calls and posting 300,000 first class letters every year.

Kirona DRS Scheduler and Job Manager was rolled out to 1,280 home support workers within just 4 months, who carry out 2,700,000 essential visits a year, dramatically reducing paper waste and phone calls. Robert Foreman commented, “The benefits of doing this electronically means teams no longer have to send 300,000, 10-15 page first class letters a year and no longer have to make 400,000 5-minute phone calls advising of changes.”

The council is saving £400,000 per annum from the reduction in phone calls and over £200,000 on postage.

Home Care Services Health Staff for North Lanarkshire Council - Case Study Cover

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Why focus on mobile working?

The challenge for the NHS to do more for less is well recognised. The continued funding squeeze, rising demand and the need to safeguard quality, combine to exert pressure across the entire system, with none of these factors likely to abate. There is now wide consensus that health care needs to change to meet these demands.

Mobile workforce technology can help to respond to the pressures and enable change. However, despite the potential benefits of technology, it is generally acknowledged that its adoption within the healthcare sector is slow and disparate.

Our research shows that the civil service is not innovative in its approach to managing mobile workers. Compared to other areas where the government has made big leaps in its use of cutting-edge software, mobile working has been left behind.

Identifying Effective Mobile Workforce Management - Kirona Research Document Cover

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