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With Dynamic Resource Scheduling and Mobile Workforce Management

Kirona’s Mobile Workforce Solutions for Home Services providers are helping organisations to optimise resource utilisation and scheduling, improve customer experience and maximise opportunities for growth.

Our comprehensive workflow management tools allow home services providers to deliver more jobs per day, more profitably. With Kirona’s dynamic resource scheduling software, you can ensure that the right resources are allocated to each job, while travel expense is minimised. The unique features of DRS mean that job scheduling is optimised throughout the emerging day, allowing your business to efficiently cope with delays and respond in real-time without letting customers down.

Our mobile workforce management solutions connect field workers to central systems, making it easier to allocate tasks on the go. Information about jobs is sent directly to your worker’s device and job data on the go and eliminate paperwork.

Dynamic Resource Scheduler DRS Software
Job Manager JM Field Worker Mobile Application
InfoSuite IS Field Workforce Analytics Software
Workhub WH Workflow Management Software

Home Services Workforce Management Software

How we help our clients in

Home Services

Dynamic Intra-Day Scheduling
Optimise Appointment Booking
Better Workforce Visibility
Help Keep Customers Informed
Improve Resource Utilisation

A Complete Workflow Solution

Kirona’s suite of solutions combine to enable you to configure a field service management solution that meets the demands of your business.

Kirona’s Workforce Scheduling solutions include Work Management, Appointment Booking and Dynamic Scheduling, Reactive Maintenance Management, Job Costing, Mobile Working, Customer Engagement and Performance Monitoring.

Streamline Scheduling Processes

Kirona’s dynamic resource scheduling software takes the strain out of optimising job scheduling, allowing you to allocate the most suitable operator for the job. Customers can book appointments at the most convenient time and receive reminders and progress notifications, reducing no-shows or missed appointments.

Our job scheduling software automatically optimises travel routes to ensure that appointment times are kept and the efficient use of fuel.

Measure Performance and Enhance Service

Home Services organisations can improve productivity through increased resource utilisation and real-time management of your mobile workforce. Kirona software can be integrated with your existing systems to provide end-to-end workflow visibility and monitor KPIs.

This also allows you to identify efficiencies that can have an impact on your bottom line, and continuously improve operations.

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