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The retail sector is currently undergoing a significant transition from physical destination stores to online-only stores and fast-moving on-demand customer delivery. Kirona’s technology solutions for Retail, Wholesale, Logistics, Delivery and Communications ensure you deliver the best possible service to your customers at every stage of their journey.

Our Retail Workforce Management Software combines to provide a comprehensive field workforce management solution that enables you to optimise each appointment, track your geographically dispersed workforce and gain valuable holistic insight into your operation.

Dynamic Resource Scheduler DRS Software
Job Manager JM Field Worker Mobile Application
InfoSuite IS Field Workforce Analytics Software
Workhub WH Workflow Management Software

How Our Retail Management Software Has Helped Carpetright Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs

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Help keep your customers informed
Better workforce visibility
Optimise appointment booking
Dynamic Intra-Day Scheduling
Help to align resources

Dynamic Planning and Scheduling

Whether you are providing appointed services or responsive call-outs, Kirona software ensures that each work item is allocated to the most appropriate resource while minimising travel and maximising the productivity of your resources.

Kirona’s software allows retail business to consider every attribute of your resources when allocating work. Our leading route-planner capability means you can schedule visits in an optimum way, significantly increasing productivity and reducing travel time.

Optimising Appointments

Whether you offer customer appointments from retail locations, online or through your call centre, Kirona’s Mobile Workforce Management Software streamlines processes to reduce the costs of service delivery. By linking your appointment system with our dynamic scheduler, you provide customers with guaranteed appointments at the first point of enquiry.

Our Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS) application takes each request and identifies the best possible time slot within the existing schedule, based on resource availability and location, and prompts the customer service representative to offer this appointment.

Operational Insight

Kirona InfoSuite analytics software (IS) delivers end-to-end visibility of the complete field-service lifecycle and what’s more, this insight is in real-time. Track performance against KPIs and SLAs, taking corrective action immediately where necessary. Gain a holistic view of your operations, understanding resource availability and the cost implications of fulfilling customer demands.

Streamlining Multi-Visit

Activities that require multiple and interdependent visits can be streamlined. To expedite processes, inspectors can authorise work while still onsite. Field workers can order parts and materials or book follow-up visits while in front of the customer. All of these factors ensure that work is completed in the shortest possible time, improving customer satisfaction and in many cases, reducing the cost of service delivery.

Mobile Working

Managers gain real-time visibility of daily activity and progress against the schedule. Paperwork can be eliminated with jobs assigned via mobile devices, with onsite information, including forms, photos and signatures, synchronised in real-time with centralised systems. Customers can specify appointment slots which are more convenient, while reminder text messages significantly reduce missed appointments.


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