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Kirona helps organisations working in the utilities sector to address the key pressures facing the industry; safely manage assets, maximise production and reliability; minimise outages and control operating costs, whilst navigating the challenges of managing a growing infrastructure, workforce turnover and the transition from legacy green screen applications and paper-based systems.

We work with organisations to configure our field service management solutions to meet their needs and fulfil their SLAs. Our solutions enable organisations to operate a mobile workforce that optimises plant resources across multiple projects and tasks, and deliver real-time visibility of progress against each item of work.

Dynamic Resource Scheduler DRS Software
Job Manager JM Field Worker Mobile Application
InfoSuite IS Field Workforce Analytics Software
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How Kirona's Software Can Optimise Field Workforce Management for Utilities and Energy Companies

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Help to align resources
Dynamic Intra-Day Scheduling
Connect Workers with Systems
Real-time Visibility on Progress
Track performance against plans

Planning & Scheduling Major Work

Kirona’s Field Service Management Software for Utilities enables you to better plan activities, from major infrastructure programmes to minor responsive work. It provides Utility organisations with the means to optimise resources against scheduled work tasks. This process analyses all available attributes such as worker skill levels, specialised trades, location and resource costs and allocates them accordingly to make the most efficient use of resources.

You can also define interdependencies in tasks, then track the progress of each task, dynamically reschedule resources to respond to work completed ahead of schedule, or stage overruns.

Optimising Customer Appointments

When work is carried out on customer premises, you need to consider not only your own workforce availability, but also that of your customer. If some of your work types require customer appointments, our software provides your customer consultant with a range of appointment windows that you can be confident you will meet. Appointments are ranked by travel efficiency so that you can also prompt customers with appointments that are the most efficient for you.

SMS and email can also be used to automatically notify customers of appointments and field engineer arrival times, which significantly reduces the number of no-access visits and increases first-time fix rates.

Mobile Workforce

Our Utilities software suite includes Job Manager, a mobile working application enabling you to seamlessly connect every field worker with your centralised systems. Managers, supervisors and planners gain far greater control, with real-time visibility over daily activity and progress against the schedule.

Field workers become far more efficient, while paperwork is eliminated. Information is captured on mobile devices synchronised in real-time with centralised systems. This drives productivity with jobs being allocated in real-time to maximise available resources and significantly reduce travel and wait times.

Holistic Real-Time Insight

By combining Kirona software, organisations gain end-to-end visibility of their complete operation, across all workers, all equipment and all sites, with the increased flexibility of responsive work and insight provided in real-time.

This not only allows managers to track performance against the activity, taking corrective action immediately where necessary, but they also gain a holistic view across their entire operation so they can plan the resources they need in each geographic area more effectively.

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