Insight is Key in Driving Continuous Improvement

By Laraine Geddes


There is an old saying that you cannot manage what you do not measure. The rationale behind this is that if you do not track your performance how do you know if you are getting better, worse or simply staying the same?

Anyone who manages a field based organisation recognises the importance of reporting to enable them to see what is happening across their remote teams. However, what is the difference between a report and true insight?

How I make the distinction is that reports tell me what is happening and insight enables me to understand why this is happening. It is the difference between recognising that I have an issue or being part-way to addressing it.

At Kirona we strongly believe a vital part of our Field Workforce Management solutions is the reporting and analytics capabilities that we deliver. What makes us unique in this area is the way we provide insight into what is happening now, what has happened and what is likely to happen in the future.

Insight Now

In the world of field service, no two days are the same. Unexpected circumstances will arise and managers do not have the luxury of waiting until the end of the day to see if all of their KPIs have been achieved. Managers need insight into what is happening right now – what work items for the day have been completed, what are still outstanding and whether everything is on track.

With InfoSuite you can see what is happening now; dashboards are refreshed every 30-60 seconds and provide an immediate view on your KPIs. By gaining visibility of potential issues in this manner enables you to address them before they impact overall performance or the customer.

Insight Into Performance

It is essential that you are able to gain a comprehensive picture of your operation over time and to understand trends in performance. True insight comes from being able to drill down on each slice of detail and analyse your operation in terms of work, individuals, teams and geographies.

With InfoSuite you are able to benchmark every dimension of your operation and use this to identify underperformance, understand root cause and drive improvement. For example, a failure to meet a KPI could be caused by a change in geographic patterns of demand which can be easily addressed by rezoning field workers.

Predicting The Future

The true value of insight is in enabling you to predict the future and be in the right shape to fulfil demand. For example, understanding seasonal fluctuations in demand can help you resource for peak periods. When this is combined with predictive modelling, you are able to test potential scenarios of resourcing and scheduling and understand the potential impact on performance.

By using InfoSuite we find our customers gain the insight they need to drive continual improvement and get the very best performance out of their field organisation; they gain greater visibility of their day to day operation, they are able to manage performance based on factual information, they are more effective at planning through the value of insight, and are able to drive greater levels of efficiency.