Kirona Mobilise Tenant Management System for Severn Vale Housing

By Laraine Geddes


Field workforce software specialist Kirona have completed phase one of a project that enables Severn Vale Housing to improve the efficiency of their tenancy management.

Severn Vale Housing uses Orchard’s housing management system to handle tenanted property procedures such as repairs and maintenance, tenancy management and validation. Severn Vale were looking to enable housing officers to have secure access to this information whilst visiting tenants at home so that they didn’t have to repeatedly return to the head office to gain access to information, thus enabling them to improve the efficiency and service quality of their tenancy management processes.

The housing association engaged with Kirona to implement and integrate a mobile solution for tenancy management services into its existing Orchard backend system, with support from housing integration specialists Manifest Software Solutions. Dave Carr Commercial Director of MSS said “ This was a challenging and exciting integration project from our point of view however the collaborative approach to deliver a solution worked well for all involved”

Severn Vale opted for Kirona’s Job Manager Solution due to its proven record of delivering efficiency gains and successful interoperability with housing back-office systems.

The initial phase of the project involves mobilising the rent arrears management process. Once a visit has been confirmed in the back office system – for example a meeting is arranged with a tenant who has fallen behind on payments – the mobile housing officer conducting the appointment can view information through Kirona’s Job Scheduling Management software, providing them with greater visibility of the case. They can then complete assessments whilst onsite via Kirona’s field workforce management software, and automatically sync the information with the back office system.

Neil Harvey, CTO of Kirona said: “Severn Vale Housing’s requirements were broad in scope, so we developed an initial phase within the arrears team to demonstrate the benefits of Job Manager in terms of visibility and operational efficiency. We’ll continue to collaborate with Severn Vale Housing to build on this deployment and identify additional applications for the future.”

Stephen Bourne, ICT Manager at Severn Vale Housing said: “Mobilising our housing management processes will ultimately improve customer service and enable our remote operatives to complete tasks more efficiently as they no longer need to return to the office between jobs. We’ve been impressed with the speed of deployment and collaborative partnership and will continue to work with Kirona as we determine the next phase of the project.”