North Lanarkshire Council – 18 months on

By Laraine Geddes

North Lanarkshire Council are reaping the rewards of investing in mobile working and dynamic job scheduling technology. The organisation implemented Kirona’s Job Manager and DRS Scheduler products to manage the work of technical officers and tradespersons across its housing property service.

Following the go live of phase one of the solution in April 2013, the council has seen a 20% increase in the productivity of its local homes teams, whilst also releasing cashable savings in the region of £280,000 per annum from reduced asset and administration overheads. Phase two, which is in progress at present will see the system and supporting mobile technologies deployed across all capital, void, planned and repair works categories.

Des Murray, Head of Housing Property, at North Lanarkshire Council commented; “Our vision for this project has been to remove the service bottlenecks that traditionally have hampered our business performance; both in the office and out in the field. Through the combination of cutting edge technology and the commitment of our staff and partners, we have managed just that.

Kirona’s workforce management software was chosen as it demonstrated a wide range of capabilities supported by a proven track record with customers. It manages everything from the scheduling of jobs in the office with the DRS Scheduler software, through to the fulfilment of the work by field operatives using the Job Management mobile workforce application. The same technology is now being utilised to link in a range of other systems, including the council’s asset and contracts management frameworks and wide mobile working infrastructure, enabling a range of wider engagement and utilisation.

Since implementing the software as part of a package of measures, our repairs teams and our customers have seen a significant improvement in our services. Our no access rates in areas such as pre-inspection dropped from 40% to just 3%, with turnaround timescales counted in hours not days.

We are just as excited about the future, as we are about what we’ve already achieved. We are now beginning the process of rolling out the framework we have developed beyond housing property. This includes the incorporation of over 1200 personnel from our Home Support teams and we are very excited about the expected outcomes.”

Neil Harvey, Kirona CTO, added “North Lanarkshire Council approached Kirona with a vision of how they wanted their services to improve over the short, medium and long term. Their team has been excellent, and because of that they have not only achieved fantastic returns from their Housing Property project, but also built a terrific foundation for the next stages of the project; the implementation of dynamic job scheduling software and mobile applications for their Home Care team and the ability to use the technology across a range of new services and applications.”