Ocean Housing Group Selects Kirona to Deliver Dynamic Resource Scheduling across its Repairs and Maintenance Service

By Laraine Geddes

Cornwall-based housing provider Ocean Housing Group has selected Kirona to facilitate smarter working by implementing dynamic resource scheduling across its full scale repairs and maintenance team, as part of a two year service transformation strategy.

Ocean Group consists of three independent companies each, previously, with its own autonomous control of IT procurement, which led to inconsistent investment and performance across the group. In 2015, they changed their IT strategy to a group-wide corporate approach led by the group parent and undertook a procurement exercise to implement an entirely new infrastructure of IT systems for finance, rents, housing, repairs, workflow and scheduling.

The Board authorised a two-year programme to procure and implement a range of new systems. With a very strong endorsement from Ocean Housings Property Team, Kirona was awarded the contract to implement a dynamic resource scheduling solution for the repairs and maintenance team.

Engineer from Ocean Housing in Red Shirt Installing Smoke Alarm

Dynamic Resource Scheduler (DRS) from Kirona enables Ocean Housing to proactively blend both planned and appointed work across its entire repairs and maintenance service. With 60 operatives carrying out more than 12,000 responsive and emergency repairs across electrical, gas and structural engineering, the system ensures that the most appropriate operative is selected for each job. This minimises downtime with a view to increasing productivity by up to 25%. Ocean is also using Kirona’s Cyclical Servicing Module, which generates automated annual reminders for services such as PAT testing or gas mains safety checks to improve forward planning and scheduled appointments.

Kevin Pearce, Group Director of Resources at Ocean Housing Group said: “In light of recent government rent cuts, we needed a solution that would allow us to manage jobs more effectively, as well as improving customer care for our 4,500 tenants. Overall we are absolutely thrilled with both the implementation and Kirona’s handling of the project more broadly. Our core aim has always been to make our services more efficient, as well as to facilitate smarter and more flexible working for our staff, and Kirona’s software achieves this. It is simple and easy to use, and we can already see the opportunity for driving significant improvements across the organisation.”

Neil Harvey, CTO of Kirona said: “Ocean Group has very clear strategic vision for 2020 and beyond, but was being held back by disparate and out-of-date IT systems. We’re looking forward to continue working with Ocean in the future, supporting its goals through a flexible, fully leveraged workforce.”


About Ocean Housing Group Ltd

Ocean Housing Group Ltd is the established parent company of charitable benefit society Ocean Housing Ltd and quality Cornish construction company Gilbert & Goode. Based in St Austell, the Group of companies provides jobs for over 240 local people and oversees the management of over 4,500 properties. As an employer of choice, Ocean Group is well-reputed in the region for its long-standing investment in staff training and development. Ocean strives for excellence in governance across all its operations and this was endorsed by Homes England’s highest G1 rating at its last assessment. Ocean Group will add over 1,000 quality new homes to the Cornish landscape over the next 5 years.


Office Staff Workiing With Computers at Ocean Housing Group

About Ocean Housing Ltd

Ocean Housing Ltd is an innovative and ambitious housing provider, based in St Austell, Cornwall. Established in 2000, the company provides quality, good-value homes for over 4,500 local residents and their families. Ocean Housing, together with its sister construction company, Gilbert & Goode Ltd and its parent organisation, Ocean Group Ltd, provides jobs for over 240 people.

Ocean Housing is passionate about customer service and handles over 1,000 enquiries a week, on subjects as diverse as tenancy transfers to neighbourhood issues. Every Ocean Housing property meets the Decent Homes Standard.

Investing in customer service, the LiveChat facility has been launched on the Ocean Housing website, the first Cornish social landlord to invest in webchat technology. This complements the MyOcean Tenant Zone, enabling any tenant to check on their account quickly and easily, online. You can also stay in touch with Ocean Housing via Facebook and Twitter.