Our customers had their say

By Michelle Marren

Kirona are committed to our customers and our policy of continual improvement. That’s why we use the National Promoter Score (NPS). This management tool is used to gauge the loyalty of a firms customer relationships.

In June 2018, Kirona sent out the survey to all of its customers and received a 2.5 increase in responders compared to our last send out.

Our customers have to answer only 2 questions:

  • How likely are you to recommend Kirona to a friend/colleague?
  • How easy is it to work with Kirona?

In response to the question “How likely are you to recommend Kirona to a friend or colleague?” 66% of our responders voted us either a 9 or a 10, a 40% increase in comparison to our first survey in 2016 and an 8% increase since our last survey send out.

In response to the question “How easy is it to work with us?” we scored an average of 8.6 out of 10, a 4.8 increase since our very first survey with the majority of the answers having a score of 7 or higher with 65% of responses scoring 9 or 10.

In our first NPS survey send out we got a sad looking NPS score of 3 and now not even 2 years later we have reached an NPS score of 59.

These results have shown that we are keeping our promises and building on our customer relationships. The increase in our scores demonstrates how we are positively responding to the feedback we receive and making steps towards continual improvement in all areas of the business.