Infographic: Kirona Software Products, Job Manager, DRS, Work Hub and InfoSuite

Intelligent Field Service

Schedule, Mobilise & Analyse

We help our clients to deliver the best possible service to their customers in the most efficient and effective way possible. We do this through software applications that span the complete field-service lifecycle from planning & scheduling through to mobilising the field worker and monitoring the service performance in real-time.

Our Mobile Workforce Scheduler Software includes four distinct applications, DRS Scheduler, Job Manager, Work Hub and InfoSuite. Individually, these applications deliver significant value to field service organisations and when combined, they deliver a unique advantage.

Kirona DRS Scheduler Logo

Whether you undertake lengthy and complex projects or deliver a real-time responsive service, our resource scheduling solution provides you with a complete solution to plan, schedule and manage your field-based activities.

DRS Scheduler provides your planners and managers with a comprehensive application that enables you to appoint work to field personnel in the optimum way, to align the right resources to each task and then to take exceptions in your stride as the working day evolves.

Kirona Job Manager

Intuitive mobile applications streamline field worker daily activities and improve the communication between the field worker and office operations as though there was no distance between them at all.

Job Manager is a comprehensive mobile working application that is seamlessly integrated into DRS Scheduler and your business applications to create a field workforce that is truly connected regardless of their location. This means that work can be allocated, tracked and managed in real-time.

Kirona Work Hub

Combining Kirona’s suite of software enables enhanced efficiency, with accurate, real-time information and resources delivered directly to your field-based workforce. Mobile workers can access and relay information securely, ensuring that information is unified throughout the organisation.

Work Hub is a work management solution from Kirona that unites your back office team, mobile workforce and customers. It provides a simplified, seamless and stable management of the end to end workflow for your organisation, from the creation of work, scheduling, allocation and deployment to a mobile workforce.

Kirona InfoSuite

By leveraging the wealth of information collected through DRS Scheduler and Job Manager we enable our clients to gain unprecedented analytics and insights into their field service operation, fully understanding performance and identifying areas for continuous improvement.

Kirona InfoSuite analytics application is a comprehensive management information solution. It provides our clients with valuable actionable insight into the field service organisations from tracking performance against KPIs and SLAs, through to understanding root causes of inefficiencies or service failures so that corrective action can be taken.