Optimising Field Service Scheduling

Kirona's Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS) Desktop ApplicationOn average, field service organisations that use Kirona’s Dynamic Resource Scheduling Software (DRS) increase productivity of their field-based workers by 25% regardless of their size or the industry sector in which they operate.

We are helping hundreds of organisations to deliver exceptional service for the lowest possible operational cost. We do this through our Dynamic Resource Scheduling Solution (DRS) that seamlessly blends appointed, planned and responsive work across the field based workforce. DRS helps our clients to ensure that all commitments are met, travel time is kept to a minimum and more tasks are completed in a single day.


How Dynamic Resource Scheduling Can Benefit Your Organisation

  • Increase productivity of your organisation on average by 25%
  • Customer booked appointments improve customer experience
  • Route Optimisation minimises travel time to reduce fuel and maintenance costs
  • SMS customer appointment reminders reducing avoidable contact and missed appointments
  • Dynamic response to emergencies and exceptions

Planning & Scheduling

Work planning and scheduling is one of the most critical elements of any field-based organisation. Get it right and it can significantly increase productivity, reduce costs and deliver a far more customer-centric service.

Dynamic Resource Scheduling Software enables you to leverage our unique expertise in planning & scheduling with powerful tools that are intuitive to use and fully aligned to your business.

Automated Planning – utilises your organisation’s defined rules to identify workers with the right skills, equipment, geography and availability for each task and then automatically allocates it to their diary

Optimised Allocation – using complex algorithms and street-level mapping to find the most efficient work routes and job allocation, minimising travel and maximising time onsite

Complex Rules – all work types are managed in a single system be they short tasks, multi-day tasks, multi-job dependant projects, crews, contractors etc.

Intelligent Appointments – not only presents available appointment slots, but recommends the most cost-effective slots to offer to the customer at the first point of contact; online, in the contact centre, or in person.


Through tracking every dimension of your field-based work, managers gain valuable insight into both changing demands and associated consequences on efficiency.

Our DRS Software provides a comprehensive range of analytics that enables managers to take a step back and truly understand every element of their operation. With such insight, managers are able to review the performance of individuals, how work types are changing, the geographic spread of work and monitor achievements against key performance indicators.

Productivity By Work Type – understanding the nature and type of working being performed, identifying trends and enabling more effective alignment of workforce to demand.

Cost By Geography – analysing work performed by geography to understand how this impacts on cost and to enable geographic realignment of workforce to improve performance.

Productivity By Job By Worker – providing the ability to drill-down into every job or activity to fully understand the performance of your team and individuals.

Calibrate Your Business Goals – enabling you to balance revenue, customer satisfaction, field worker satisfaction and operational performance.


Managing The Emerging Day

Very seldom does a day go to plan. Jobs overrun, workers get delayed, and unexpected or emergency tasks arise during the day.

This is reality for any field-based operation and unless your scheduling tool can handle this, then your plan is ineffective from the moment the day starts. Dynamic Resource Scheduling is a key capability of our field resource scheduling solution. Not only does it enable the unexpected to be taken in your stride, but it ensures that the day continues to operate in the optimum manner.

Real-Time Management – use data from worker mobile devices to track, in real-time, progress against your work schedule. DRS Scheduler enables you to quickly see those jobs completed, in-progress and outstanding in a visual format.

Dynamic Scheduling – always optimising, changing circumstances throughout the day prompt the DRS to re-calculate what the most efficient work plan is and then re-allocate work amongst field based staff accordingly

Emergency Work & Exceptions – allowing you to respond to unexpected work items and for these to be dynamically allocated, or manually re-allocated across the whole field workforce, driving productivity and a far more responsive service.


Work planning and scheduling Application on Mobile, Tablet and Laptop

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Leading international infrastructure group, Balfour Beatty, increased the productivity of their Gas and Water Utilities Business workforce by implementing Kirona’s suite of products; Dynamic Resource Scheduler, Job Manager and InfoSuite.

Balfour Beatty Case Study

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