Cyclical Servicing

Enabling Efficient Regular Servicing Appointments

Kirona have developed DRS Cyclical Servicing, an additional module to the DRS Scheduler which was created to specifically improve the efficiency of your organisation’s regular servicing and maintenance appointments.

Seamless Integration

The knowledge that Kirona has gained from working across a variety of sectors has enabled us to develop DRS Cyclical Servicing which integrates seamlessly with the standard DRS Scheduler solution and works with WorkHub to further enhance work management. This automates the process of making cyclical appointments, and saves organisations having to schedule the jobs manually.


Automated Scheduling Process

DRS Cyclical Servicing allow organisation’s to automate the scheduling processĀ of regular, cyclical appointments such as gas servicing, electrical safety checks, smoke detector checks, fire alarms and extinguishers. This eliminates the maunal intervention required to load appointments, and it also allows for planning of subsequent visits depending on the outcome of the appointment. This significantly improves the efficiency of an organisations scheduling cyclical scheduling process, as well as improving customer service.

Cyclical Servicing provides many benefits, including:

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Automation of scheduling process for regular, cyclical appointments

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Cyclical Servicing and maintenance work is managed by postcode

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Bulk overnight job scheduling has no effect on daytime response process

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Eliminates manual intervention to load appointments

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Allows for planning of subsequent visits depending on outcomes

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Allows for 'over loading' of resources to plan for no access

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DRS Cyclical Servicing Datasheet