Deliver Complex Planned Projects Efficiently

Kirona have developed the Dynamic Resource Scheduler Project Planner module specifically to enable organisations to improve the efficiency and management of complex planned works, including voids management for the housing sector. The module integrates seamlessly with the standard DRS resource scheduler solution and works with the same back office job and mobile update interfaces.
Kirona DRS Project Planner Module Ensures Projects are Delivered On Time

How Does DRS Project Planner Work For Voids?

The Project Planner module complements our Dynamic Resource Scheduling Software by handling the complexity of voids (empty properties). It does so by segmenting large void packages into their individual elements of work to create a plan of all visits required for that property. Once complete, the individual plan is intelligently allocated using the Kirona DRS Scheduler rules to appropriate field workers to ensure void completion dates are met.

As the plan evolves, the whole workforce’s jobs are re-allocated to continuously maximise workforce efficiency and minimise property void time.


Confidently Appoint Staged Follow-on Work

DRS Project Planner is used to make the process simple and effective where follow-on work requires multiple trades to co-ordinate with all visits needing to be arranged and agreed with the customer.

Once the work has been defined, including any rules about how the visits need to be sequenced, the work is provisionally loaded onto the Planning board. This shows the earliest set of appointments that can be offered. The planner can then over-ride this as required to arrive at a set of appointments the customer is happy with, and book all work in the live resource diaries.

Project Planner provides many benefits, including:

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Visibility across all teams allowing capacity to be matched to workload reducing requirement for sub-contracted resources  
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Real time updates reflected on the schedule to show impact of new or late running work  
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Resources can be managed individually or as part of designated teams  
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Plan can be revisited on a regular basis as circumstances change  
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Ability to understand any bottlenecks on specific projects with full visibility from a supervisor, project and resource standpoint  
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Ability to monitor medium term capacity by loading all known work and assessing impact  
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Real time dashboard using InfoSuite analytics software to monitor key performance indicators    
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Resources sequenced to complete work as efficiently as possible

DRS Project Planner Datasheet