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When you are managing an organisation that has offices and a workforce which are geographically dispersed, it is vital that you fully understand every dimension of your operation. This insight should be real-time, enabling you to act on information while you are able to make an impact. Step forward Kirona’s Field Service, Data Analytics Software, InfoSuite.

We do this by providing you with real-time actionable insight into what is important to you. Kirona InfoSuite (IS) provides you with an holistic view of your operation, visibility of key performance indicators and the ability to quickly drill down on the underlying detail.

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Analysing & Driving Productivity

Driving productivity is key to any field service based service organisation. It ensures that each job, activity or visit is performed within the allocated time-parameters and for the lowest possible cost, while also ensuring effectiveness.

Kirona InfoSuite (IS) is Field Workforce Analytics Software that enables you to understand every dimension of your field-based operation in order to understand what factors are driving or hindering productivity.

Real-Time Visibility – For insight to be actionable, it needs to be timely. InfoSuite provides real-time dashboards of what is happening now in your field-service operation. You can see how you are progressing against the day’s schedule and take action to correct potential issues before they become business-impacting.

Accurately Benchmark – By analysing a wealth of data on historic activity, InfoSuite enables you to accurately benchmark performance. Maximum, mean and minimum can be seen for each work-type and the performance of individuals can be bench marked across their peer group.

Worker Performance & Appraisals – By accurately tracking the productivity of the individual, factual data is gathered to enable more effective appraisals. What is more, when combined with Kirona Job Manager (JM), field-based workers are able to see in real-time how they are performing against their personal objectives.

Addressing Issues & Driving Best Practice – By having an holistic view of performance, it becomes possible to identify best practice and take steps to replicate this across your entire organisation. It is also possible to drill down on exceptions to understand why certain job-types or individuals are under performing and instigate corrective action.


Continuously Perfecting –The wealth of data that is captured from Field Workforce Analytics Software enables greater insight than ever before. Insight that allows organisation to adjust its workforce management processes to expose new, more efficient ways of working. This process repeats endlessly with InfoSuite underpinning this virtuous cycle.

Intelligent Forecasting – Historic data can be analysed to predict future trends. Depending upon the industry some service organisations use this information to predict seasonal trends, whether its grounds maintenance activities in the summer or boiler breakdowns in the winter. This makes it much easier to ensure they are adequately resourced during busy and quiet periods.

Predictive Modelling – When used in conjunction with Kirona’s DRS resource scheduling software, organisations can move beyond forecasting, to actually model scenarios. For example they can import work programmes or tendered contracts into the software and see how many staff will be required to undertake the new work, or alter worker regions to identify the impact geographies have on performance.


Field Workforce Efficiency

Driving efficiency in your field service organisation is key and ensuring that every job is performed in the optimal way drives productivity which, in turn, frees up precious capacity.

Kirona InfoSuite Field Service Analytics Software not only enables you to track efficiency and performance in real-time in order to take corrective action immediately, it also enables you to analyse trends in performance, identifying areas of continuous improvement and to measure and monitor the impact of any changes in working practices.

Performance Against KPIs – Through the InfoSuite visual dashboard, managers are able to get a snapshot in real-time of how they are performing against KPIs. Any issues arising during the day can be identified immediately and addressed to ensure customer commitments and SLAs are met.

Analysis of Travel Patterns – InfoSuite enables you to analyse the travel patterns of your workforce, both individually and collectively. This allows trends and inefficiencies to be identified and action taken to reduce travel and increase productive time.

Analysis of Outcomes – InfoSuite enables you to analyse the captured outcomes of each job, task or visit so that you can identify trends in no-access, non-completed tasks or activity overruns. By drilling down on the detail, actionable insight can be gained on how such trends can be addressed.

Appointment Efficiency – For those organisations that are using DRS Scheduler to schedule appointments within their customer service teams, InfoSuite is able to provide insight into how many occasions the optimum appointment was made and the cost-impact if this was achieved across more instances.


housing maintenance solutions

“Kirona gave us invaluable support and guided us to build a system that would give each of our planners full visibility of every job at each stage of its life cycle, this has improved our efficiencies massively; we are appointing jobs easier, monitoring potential missed appointments in advance and managing these proactively with the team on site. Our stats are showing this effective management:

  • 99.9% of appointments made are kept
  • 100% of jobs completed are on time across all priorities
  • 100% customer satisfaction for the last 3 consecutive months”

Liam King, Lead Technician – Customer Experience Team, Housing Maintenance Solutions (The LMH Group)