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Imagine if you were able to modernize your old legacy green screen business applications but avoid the large capital expenditure and the inevitable downtime associated with replacing them. This would surely improve user productivity, optimise business processes and ultimately deliver a better user experience. Step forward LegaSuite the application modernisation service from Kirona.

Now imagine if your old green screen applications could use the same modern desktop user interfaces, web browsers and mobile devices that your employees are familiar with. An intuitive interface means reduced training, so your employees can get up and running faster, make fewer mistakes, therefore reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Kirona’s LegaSuite makes this all possible. You can now repurpose your aging but reliable business critical mainframe applications, to run as user friendly HTML5 web applications. Kirona’s LegaSuite extends the lifecycle of your existing green screen systems, to deliver a thoroughly modern but cheaper and less disruptive solution for your organization.


LegaSuite software enables you to think in terms of what data you need at each stage of a process or interaction rather than thinking in terms of where data resides or what application is needed to access it. This fundamental change can have a significant impact on every part of your organisation.

For your staff this means that field-based workers have access to every piece of information they require, regardless of where it comes from. Also, your customer service team can see the whole picture when talking to customers rather than have to navigate their way across multiple systems.

As an organisation it means that Information only has to be entered once. It is then automatically posted into every relevant system, increasing productivity and reducing errors. It also enables reports and management information to be converged across multiple systems providing key business insight with the context of the complete picture.


LegaSuite modernization tools lets you bring existing office applications into the worlds of Web services, SOA service-oriented architecture, and Web applications, quickly and easily. It enables you to seamlessly connect to those applications that either do not support Web Services or have the capability but API license costs make this prohibitive.

LegaSuite Integration is an Eclipse-based development tool that lets you rapidly create SOA interfaces from critical business logic and processes residing on mainframe, IBM, VMS, Unix, client/server and Windows systems.

LegaSuite simplifies the development of SOA interfaces by enabling you to record the way a user would complete a key business process and then package those steps into a microflow – a series of steps which contain the application navigation as well as input and output application mappings.

LegaSuite Integration is completely non-invasive, so you don’t have to touch or have access to underlying source code for SOA interfaces. This speeds development and drastically cuts down risk.