The Complete Enterprise Mobile Management Solution

Secure and Manage the use of Mobile Devices Across your Organisation.

Implementing Mobile Working positively impacts the productivity and effectiveness of your field-based workers. However, at the same time, it is important to be able to control and secure their use of mobile devices with appropriate security software.

As the market leader in providing field service automation software, Kirona helps organisations to embrace mobility. Our solutions connect field-based workers with the information and applications they need to be highly productive and effective from their mobile.
We also help our customers to secure these mobile devices. Managing and controlling security policies for each mobile user and protecting data while both in-motion and when held on the device.

We partner with one of the UK’s leading mobile security specialists, Bridgeway, to provide MobileIron a complete Enterprise Mobile Device Management Solution that enables you to provision, manage and protect mobile access and devices within your organisation.

Mobile Policy Management

MobileIron is a Mobile Workforce Software Security application that enables you to define the profile-based policies around mobile usage including what information and applications can be accessed by who on what device from what locations. This allows you to empower users with mobility while ensuring you control and manage access. Kirona also supplies ThreatShield software which provides additional security for your hosted data.

Mobile Device Management

MobileIron provides you with the capability to centrally control and manage mobile devices. Defined profile-based policies are enforced at the device level, updates to company apps can be automatically distributed and if required lost or stolen devices can be remotely locked or wiped.

Secure Access

With MobileIron security software you also gain an intelligent gateway able to secure data in motion as it moves between applications, devices and your corporate network. It also provides your end-users with a secure environment on their mobile to access emails, business applications, the web and content.

Access Control

Whether your users are utilising a company provided mobile device or their own device, MobileIron provides the ability to restrict certain features and capabilities of the mobile device preventing the access of your data through unauthorised applications or browsers.