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Provide Additional Protection For Your Hosted Data

Safeguard your organisation’s systems and data from the ever growing and stronger DDoS and cyber attacks

As the market leader in providing field automation solutions, Kirona helps your Field Service Organisation become more efficient and effective to deliver the service that your customers deserve.

We also help our customers to secure this business-critical software and safeguard your organisation’s systems, we do this by complimenting our existing security measures with industry-leading enterprise level Work Management Software Security, ThreatShield, a product designed to augment the existing security features of Kirona Cloud.

ThreatShield is an additional layer of security that helps to safeguard your organisation’s systems and data from the ever-growing, prevalent and strong distributed denial of service attacks, as well as targeted cyber-attacks.

Threat Management Software

A cloud-based managed network intrusion detection and vulnerability assessment solution delivered as a service that works in any datacentre environment, from on-premises to the cloud. The entire system can be protected, without worrying about skipping boot or operating systems files that are always in use.

Threat Detection and Analytics

Expert analysts are a 24×7 extension to your team, constantly looking for suspicious activity. Experts investigate and respond to events and scan data as they are analysed by the software.

Advanced DDoS Protection

Provisioned as a Workflow Management Software Security service at the network edge, this protection matches the sophistication and scale of today’s threats and can be used to mitigate DDoS attacks of all forms and sizes.

Why ThreatShield

If field-based workers are critical to your business operations it is essential that they have continuous access to your mobile workforce management software. Similarly, if your customers use your website for services like appointment booking, it is equally important that this functionality is always available.


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