Construction Worker with manager updating job details in Kirona application

Enabling You To Optimise Your Business

Define, Apply & Manage

Kirona combine innovative Dynamic Resource Scheduling Systems and planning software with exceptional service and support that ensures our technology delivers significant value to every one of our clients.

While field-based organisations faces similar challenges, we recognise that each organisation is unique. Our field service management software has been specifically designed not only to be tailored to the way you work, but also to be used standalone or to be fully integrated into your existing infrastructure. Our service team leverages a wealth of experience to support you through the steps of defining, applying and managing your solution.


Our team blends technologists with operational practitioners which makes them ideal to advise you on field workforce automation. We add value through insight into best practice that we have gained from working with hundreds of field-based organisations.

We take the time to understand your operation, the issues you face and the outcomes that you are hoping to achieve. This enables us to assist in fully defining your requirements and your solution even at a pre-sales stage.


We work with you to not only tailor your Kirona solution to your specific needs, but to ensure that the solution is operationalised in the most effective way. We configure our software to create your unique solution that enables you to work your way.

Kirona projects often involve integration into existing systems and our team has extensive expertise in ensuring that you workforce automation solution benefits from being a seamless part of your existing environment.


We strongly believe that user adoption is key. The best outcomes are achieved by ensuring that everyone from work planners through field-based personnel and their managers are gaining value from the solution.

Our project managers work with you through every step of implementation and user adoption. This ensures that each process flow works the way it should, management information delivers the insight you need and value is delivered to your customers, your business and your end-users.


Our customer support team and a dedicated project manager becomes involved with each project at the exploration stage and they remain with you through the full implementation and post go-live process.

As a customer you have on hand our UK based support helpdesk to manage any queries or problems that you have over the phone or through our online portal, that logs and provides live updates of any support tickets for your organisation. It’s simple, effective and transparent to your entire service team.