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Ensuring We Are There When You Need Us

 Extended Hours Support Service

Very rarely do our clients have the luxury of only working in normal office hours. With so many of them providing responsive services to their customers, many operate extended hours and some even 24×7.

It is important to be there when our clients need us and as such we offer you with the ability to tailor your support plan to align with the hours you require covered.

Extended Hours
We can extend your support agreement to meet your specific needs whether this be 8am to 8pm o weekend cover. Typical Extended Hours Support could be:
Monday – Friday (08:00 – 20:00)
Saturday (09:00 – 18:00)
Sunday (10:00 – 16:00)
Alternatively we can arrange bespoke Extended Hours Support to suit your needs.

Extended Hours Support can also be provided on a pre-arranged ad-hoc basis to support you for such things as performing a major upgrade out-of-hours or during a weekend, or during periods of peak trading.

UK Support Team
Our Extended Hours Support is provided by the UK based Kirona team which ensures that your support request is handled by a specialist who is both familiar with and an expert in the field service management solutions, applications and technology that we support for you.


Prioritised Service
When you have your Extended Hours Support agreement in place, support tickets that can be raised with our team covering various issues and prioritized in terms of severity.

P1 – An incident, bug or error causing total outage to one or more applications.

P2 – An incident, bug or error impacting a group of users who are unable or experiencing a significant impact to usage of an application.

P3 – A single user is unable to operate or experiencing significant impact, or a group of users experiencing a minor disruption to service.

P4 – A single user experiencing a minor or intermittent disruption to service.

Find out more

Contact your Account Manager to discuss your Extended Hours Support Service requirements, or alternatively Contact Us via the website for more information.