Infographic, Development Cycle - bell to alert engineer, book appointment and analyse data.

Field Engineer Management Software

That Span The Complete Lifecycle of Your Service

Individually, our Field Workforce Management Solutions enable organisations to address key challenges they face in delivering their field service.

Collectively, Kirona’s suite of management applications allows you to effectively control and optimise the complete life-cycle of your operations, driving productivity, reducing costs and improving the service you deliver.

Dynamic Resource Scheduling

Planning & scheduling and managing the emerging day are two very attractive qualities of our Dynamic Resource Scheduling solution. Ensuring your organisation gains real-time management and stays in control of any unexpected changes that may occur throughout the day.

Job Scheduling Solutions

Whether you undertake lengthy and complex projects or deliver a real-time responsive service, Kirona’s suite of Job Scheduling Solutions provide you with a complete solution to plan, schedule and manage your field-based activities.

Work Management Solutions

At Kirona, we help clients to create a highly effective and efficient field workforce. Our Work Management Solutions enable informed field resource planning and forecasting to ensure that every field worker is fully utilised and that more can be achieved with the resources available.

Mobile Workforce Solutions

We enable our clients to optimise and better manage the services undertaken by their field-based staff with our Mobile Workforce Solutions. Our Job Manager mobile application connects the mobile workforce with office staff and all back-office functions, ensuring critical information is provided to field workers and managers when it is needed.

Field Service Management Solutions

Kirona’s Field Service Management Solutions enable organisations from Social Housing, Health & Social Care, Local Government, Central Government, Retail, Utilities, Facilities Management and Asset Maintenance to deliver world-class services.