Analyse Every Dimension of Field Service

Gain a holistic view that enables workforce optimisation in real time

In any field service based organisation, managing the many moving parts is a daily challenge. Scheduling and allocating work to your workforce is only one part of the puzzle; there may be a wide range of other internal and external factors that have an impact on the efficiency and productivity of your field workforce.

Effectively managing the performance of a field service based organisation requires complete visibility over every dimension of your operation, in real-time. Kirona’s InfoSuite is a cloud-based workforce analytics software application specifically developed for field-based organisations. In addition to traditional reporting functions, InfoSuite updates organisations on their performance on a minute-by-minute basis. This real time insight allows users to resolve issues proactively without impacting on other scheduled work.

InfoSuite can be fully integrated with Kirona’s suite of field service software solutions as well as third party systems such as CRM and finance systems, ensuring you can gain the maximum benefit of cost efficiency and better customer relations.

How Our Analytics Technology Improves Performance for Field Workforce Organisations

Proactively Enhance the Emerging Day

In the world of field-based service delivery, no two days are the same. No matter how thorough your planning, unforeseen events can arise, such as adverse weather, traffic jams or sickness.

Kirona InfoSuite keeps you fully informed of what is happening in the field in real-time, meaning you can respond and resolve issues before they escalate. With performance targets mapped to your KPIs and linked to Email and SMS alerts, field supervisors can quickly mitigate any risks to delivering the promised service throughout the day.

Powerful Historical Reporting and Analysis

InfoSuite allows supervisiors to comprehensively drill into reports by geography, team and individual. This allows them to benchmark performance against organisational and individual KPIs and identify the root causes of areas that need improvement.

Fully integrated with Kirona or third party systems, InfoSuite captures the end-to-and audit trail of field work activities, so that this can be evaluated from the first contact in the call centre to post work completion/billing, allowing organisations to continually improve cost effectiveness and customer service.

Drive Productivity with Robust Forecasting

Field service based organisations are continually looking for ways to increase productivity through more efficient use of time and keeping costs low. InfoSuite provides powerful analytics that allow organisations to forecast intelligently, using historic data to predict future trends and identify areas where they may be over or under-resourced.

Used in conjunction with Kirona’s DRS scheduling solution, InfoSuite generates predictive modelling to understand the impact of different scenarios so organisations can fine tune operations to achieve the highest levels of productivity.

Simplify Report Generation and Maximise Resources

InfoSuite delivers reporting and analysis capabilities direct to the teams that need them, via an intuitive and easy to use interface. This reduces the reliance on IT departments to generate reports and frees up resources to focus on growing the business.

Operational teams can run reports on an ad-hoc basis, drawing data from multiple sources with the ability to drill down to gain deeper analysis, generating meaningful insights that support better decision making.


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