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Innovative solutions that increase productivity, efficiency and customer service

Kirona’s Field Service Management Software enables organisations from Social Housing, Healthcare, Local Government, Central Government, Retail, Utilities, Facilities Management and Asset Maintenance to deliver world-class services

We work with our customers to help them to successfully achieve their objectives. The common goal tends to be to provide customer service excellence whilst achieving increases in productivity and efficiencies. We help them achieve this with our fully integrated software solution which enables control of the entire field service management process from planning and scheduling through to service delivery, ensuring all tasks are fully optimised.

How Kirona's Field Service Management Solutions Have Optimised Services and Reduced Costs at Guiness Partnership

Seamlessly Connecting You to Your Field Workers

We enable intelligent Field Service Management through four distinct applications: DRS Scheduler, Job Manager, InfoSuite and Work Hub. These applications deliver significant value to field service organisations and when combined, deliver a unique advantage.

Planning and Forecasting

Kirona’s Dynamic Resource Scheduler takes into consideration every attribute of all resources including people, equipment and vehicles to plan the most optimum use of this resource in delivering your field-based service.

Customer Service and Appointments

Call handlers are shown not only appointment slot availability, but also which of these are the most efficient to offer customers, allowing your organisation to commit to appointments that satisfy customer service and cost reduction goals, further optimising your field service management.

Allowing the field services to operate with a daily or weekly workload or by dynamically allocating one job at a time. New or updated tasks can be instantly sent to the field worker’s mobile device along with all of the details the field worker requires.

Scheduling and Dispatch

Computer software algorithms undertake millions of calculations in order to look at every possible permutation for work allocation. This undertaking is simply not possible to do manually and so ensures the most optimum use of resources for maximum productivity.

Leveraging real-time information on exceptions such as overruns, delays or emergency tasks and to dynamically reschedule the day’s tasks to ensure that you continue to work in the most optimum way while ensuring that every customer commitment is met.

Mobile Workforce

Job Manager (JM) is an end-to-end mobile working application that seamlessly integrates with our Dynamic Resource Scheduling software (DRS) and your business software applications. Our solution helps your organisation establish a connected mobile workforce allowing real-time management of work allocation, worker tracking and deployment.

Performance Management

InfoSuite (IS) is a comprehensive management information tool that provides organisations with meaningful and actionable insights into their field service operations. These include monitoring operational performance against SLA’s (service-level agreements) and KPI’s, (key performance indicators) which helps managers pinpoint any underlying causes of system bottlenecks or service issues and ensuring that corrective measures are taken.

Field Service Management Solutions That Enable Seamless Work Flow

Work Hub is a workflow management system that seamlessly connects your mobile workers and customers with your back office team. It provides a simplified business model for intelligently managing the complete workflow for your organisation, from work creation and scheduling through to allocation and deployment to your mobile workforce.

Work Hub Overview, Planning, Booking Appointments and Scheduling the Mobile Workforce


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