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Job Scheduling Solutions that delivers the best possible service in the most efficient and effective way possible

Whether you undertake lengthy and complex projects or deliver a real-time responsive service, Kirona’s software solutions provide you with a complete system to plan, schedule and manage your field-based activities.

Our Job Management Software Suite include Dynamic Resource Scheduling software (DRS Scheduler) and a comprehensive mobile working application (Job Manager). Dynamic Resource Scheduler provides your organisation with a powerful and resilient application that enables you to allocate work in the most cost effective way possible. When combined with Job Manager your mobile workforce, irrespective of their location, becomes an integral part of the workflow process, allowing work to be designated, tracked and monitored in real-time.

Job Scheduling Management Software

How optimising appointments in real time can help your organisation reduce travel time and make substantial cost savings

Job Planning & Scheduling

Work planning and scheduling are the two most important aspects for any field-based organisation. Work planning refers to preparing the job so it can be implemented in the most efficient way possible while scheduling refers to when and who the job is allocated to. Correctly implemented, your organisation will substantially increase productivity, reduce costs and provide a significantly improved service to your customers.
Kirona’s Dynamic Resource Scheduler allows you to define your resources and work, and utilises complex software algorithms to effectively allocate jobs making the most efficient use of time and resources. The DRS software enables you to fully optimise your field based workforce, resulting in cost savings and fulfilling your customer commitments.

Managing & Responding

Implementing a truly dynamic resource scheduling solution, means you are in control of the unexpected changes that occur throughout the day. Work can overrun, employees get delayed in traffic or emergency tasks arise and have to be prioritised. This is reality for any field-based operation and unless your planning tool can handle this, then your schedule is ineffective from the moment your day starts.
Our solutions provide real-time visibility of progress against the scheduled work and ensure that emerging day challenges such as no accesses and emergency work is all taken in your stride, with dynamic scheduling ensuring you continue to operate in the most optimum manner.

Uniting the Workforce

The challenge for any organisation with a field-based workforce is how to stay connected, how centralised functions can exchange information with field-based workers and how managers can gain the visibility they need to effectively direct and manage field-based teams.
Our Job Scheduling Software Suite enables organisations to connect centralised teams with their field-based workforce. By connecting your workers with Job Manager and exchanging information electronically through the mobile device, you instantly obtain real-time visibility of the end-to-end field service process.

Streamlining Processes

A geographically dispersed workforce can add complexity to processes with gaps in information exchange, information captured in the field having to be re-entered into systems and delays between workflow steps.
Job Manager eliminates the time consuming process of filling in paper forms by directly connecting field workers with the back office team. It enables you to define the optimum way to work and then automate the processes that support this, from scheduling and allocating work through to delivering the information required directly to the field worker’s mobile device.


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