Holistic Work Management

Work Management Software that drive efficiencies across your resources and ensure that you always deliver the best possible service to your customers.

The challenge of any field-based organisation is how to efficiently manage the flow of work between central functions and field-based operatives, how to co-ordinate cases that have multiple work items that span multiple teams or skills, and to ensure that every item of work is conducted in the most efficient way possible.

At Kirona, we help clients to create a highly effective and efficient field workforce. Our Work Management Software enables informed field resource planning and forecasting to ensure that every field worker is fully utilised and that more can be achieved with the resources available.

How Kirona's Work Management Software has Optimised Services and Reduced Costs at Sandwell Council

Holistic Insights

Kirona Work Management Solutions enable you to define your work and your available resources, and consequently ensure that every permutation of work allocation is taken into account when scheduling tasks. This allows you to fully optimise your workforce, to reduce costs and meet your customer commitments.
This holistic approach to work management ensures that tasks are no longer managed in isolation or silos, but all relevant information is taken into account and work is efficiently managed across the entire organisation.

Agile & intelligent Working

By allowing you to define, monitor and manage every element of your field-based working, Kirona Work Management Software allows you to continually improve the efficiency of your operation. Intelligence gathered about the most optimum way to schedule allows workflows to be streamlined, while the ease at which workflows can be adjusted means that any inefficiencies can be quickly addressed.

Aligning Resources With Demand

By modelling different scenarios with our work management tools, including Kirona’s Dynamic Resource Scheduler and InfoSuite, enables you to quickly identify areas of inefficiency. Model the current workforce against projected demand and evaluate the cost impact of realigning resources by skill or location. This kind of actionable insight and ability to model different scenarios enables far more informed decisions to be taken, faster.

Frictionless Processes

By acting as the central point, Kirona’s work software removes the need to manage different parts of the process in different systems, simplifying processes and driving better working. Automated processes remove the need for manual intervention, reducing the risk of mistakes and ensuring that every part of your field-based service organisation runs like clockwork.

Project management solutions like Kirona’s Work Hub provide you with a single place to track every element of work from the original case through to the associated issues and the work orders and constituent jobs to address these issues. This not only ensures a complete and thorough approach to case management, but also an efficient method of managing workflow.


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