South Gloucestershire implement Mobile Street Care

By Laraine Geddes

South Gloucestershire Council have chosen to adopt Kirona’s mobile Street Care solution to enable operative’s to carry out more tasks per day, and to improve the management of the council’s street assets.

The council’s Street Care operatives are responsible for the upkeep of public areas, with tasks ranging from Potholes, to Road Drainage, Road Sweeping, Litter, Fly Tipping, Street Lighting, Graffiti, Abandoned Vehicles, Tree Pruning and many more. The “field based” focus of the service led to the authority deciding to implement a mobile workforce management system that would allow operatives to save time on unproductive tasks such as excessive travel and administration, and utilise that time to carry out additional core tasks.

The mobile solution will allow officers to receive and progress jobs using their mobile device, and as the “eyes and ears” of the council, the officers will also record Ad-Hoc incidents on their rounds as they see them. So for example, an officer may be travelling to a pothole reported by a citizen, but can then create an incident for a damaged park bench as they walk past. The officer will even be able to check on their “near me” GPS map through the device to see if a job already exists for that incident, and they will “tag” that incident against an appropriate council asset, which are also all displayed on their “near me” map.