Field Service Management Solutions for Construction

Managing Major Projects Through Planning, Scheduling & Mobile Working

Kirona helps Construction and Infrastructure Management Organisations to address two key challenges: having accurate job information to hand and being able to track progress on work that can span many sites and wide geographic area.

Field Service Management Solutions for Construction combining a powerful DRS Scheduler with Job Manager (JM), our comprehensive mobile working application. This combination enables organisations to optimise their use of resources across multiple projects and tasks and to have real-time visibility of progress against each item of work.

Dynamic Planning & Scheduling

Kirona’s DRS Scheduler enables you to automate the complex process of aligning available resources (both human and equipment) with required work tasks, and do this taking into account every feasible attribute such as trade, skill level, location and resource cost.

DRS Scheduler also enables you to define inter-dependencies in tasks and, by tracking process of each task, dynamically reschedule resources to respond to work completed ahead of schedule or stage overruns.

Mobile Working

Using Kirona’s Job Manager mobile working application enables you to seamlessly connect every worker and supervisor on every site with your centralised systems. On-site supervisors and office-based managers gain real-time visibility of daily activity and progress against the schedule, including full history of work to date.

Project efficiency can be improved with paperwork being eliminated. Instead, information is captured on mobile devices and synchronised in real-time with centralised systems. Real-time tracking of work ensures that any issues can be responded to immediately.

Holistic Real-Time Insight

By combining Kirona’s workforce management software with our InfoSuite reporting application, organisations gain end-to-end visibility of their complete operation, across all workers, all equipment and all sites and, what is more, this insight is provided real-time.

This not only enables managers to track performance against project plans, taking corrective action immediately where necessary, it also enables them to gain a holistic across all projects. This visibility and control means you can reassign labour and equipment between projects to maximise productivity, reduce risk and control costs.

Field Service Management Solutions for Construction