Delivering On Service Level Agreements

In the most cost-effective way

Our Field Service Management Tools for Facilities Management Organisations help you to deliver a highly responsive and efficient service to your customers in the most cost-effective way. We do this by maximising the productivity of maintenance staff and contracted trades, to ensure that planned work is completed on schedule and responsive services are delivered in line with agreements.

We combine DRS Scheduler, our Dynamic Resource Scheduling software with Job Manager, our comprehensive mobile working solution. This powerful combination of Field Service Management Tools for Facilities Management enables you to optimise the scheduling of work, track your geographically dispersed workforce and gain valuable holistic insight into your operation.

Planned Activity

Kirona’s DRS Scheduler enables you to optimise your workforce in order to perform planned work across multiple locations. Whether this be cleaning services, grounds maintenance or facilities maintenance, DRS Scheduler enables you to create a schedule that maximises productivity.

We do this by enabling you to bulk schedule work to field based resources in the most optimal manner; using route optimisation to minimise travel time and maximise the productivity of each and every field-based worker. It also manages the SLA compliance rules you provide, to ensure you don’t let your customers down.

Responsive Services

Our Field Service Management Tools for Facilities Management help organisations to reduce the costs associated with providing responsive services, including requested work and emergency repairs. We do this by using our powerful route planner application to dynamically scheduling resources ensuring that the closest and most appropriate resources are always assigned to each task.

What makes Kirona DRS different is that our application enables you to continually review the schedule as the day evolves and dynamically adjust it. This ensures that you are always optimising the allocation of work to fulfil your commitments in the most cost-effective manner and dispatching real-time workloads to the field workforce.

Mobile Workforce

By utilising Kirona’s Job Manager mobile working application, you are able to seamlessly connect your field based workers with your centralised systems. Managers gain real-time visibility of daily activity and progress against the schedule. Paperwork can be eliminated, with jobs presented on mobile devices. Onsite information, including signatures and work orders, are synchronised in real-time with centralised systems.

This enables you to track the work in real-time, ensuring that services are being delivered in every location and that responsive services are being provided in line with Service Level Agreements.

Operational Insight

Utilising Kirona’s InfoSuite product ensures organisations gain end-to-end visibility of their complete facilities management operation and, what is more, this insight is real-time.

This enables managers to track performance against KPIs and SLAs, taking corrective action immediately where necessary. It also enables managers to gain a holistic view of their operation, understanding the capacity and the cost implications of fulfilling customer requirements.