Workflow Management Systems for Healthcare

Appoint, Schedule & Manage Field Based Appointments

Through Streamlining Field Based Processes

Kirona is helping both public and private healthcare providers to increase the time available to deliver healthcare services by optimising scheduling, reducing travel time and streamlining the flow of information to the field.

We do this through three elements of our suite of Workflow Management Systems for Healthcare. Firstly, DRS Scheduler optimises the working day of each healthcare professional. Then Job Manager connects the remote workers to systems and information they need. Finally, InfoSuite provides true insight across the entire operation enabling continuous improvement.

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– Private & Non Profit Organisations
– Local Government Care Services

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Kirona is enabling the NHS to transform the way it delivers services, whether that be for District Nursing, Midwifery, Mental Health Care, GP, Ward-based Clinicians or other areas that require staff to visit and treat patients.

We do this by providing Workflow Management Systems for Healthcare including Planning & Scheduling applications that enable visits to be appointed in the optimum way. Dynamic intra-day scheduling allows for emergencies and exceptions to be taken in your stride. We also enable field-based workers to remain connected through mobile applications that provide them with the information they need to deliver patient care. These mobile applications also reduce paperwork by capturing information in the field directly into centralised systems.

By using Kirona Field Automation applications, Hospitals, Trusts and NHS Services are driving greater efficiency in the services they deliver, reducing unnecessary travel time, cutting paperwork and delivering a far better patient experience.

Private & Non-Profit Organisations

At Kirona, we are also helping the healthcare private sector and non-profit organisations to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of the care they provide in the field. We do this through our comprehensive DRS Scheduler applications which ensure that the right person is aligned to each patient and maximises the time that field-based staff spend with patients.

By mobilising field based workers with Kirona Job Manager processes are instantly streamlined. The information that field-based practitioners and carers require is presented to them on their mobile device. They can capture information during their visits and this information is then automatically and immediately uploaded to centralised systems.

By using Kirona Workflow Management Systems for Healthcare, private and non-profit healthcare providers are able to operate a highly efficient appointment-based service that maximises the productivity of each field professional while meeting their commitments to patients and delivering the best possible service.

Local Authorities

Kirona is assisting Local Authorities in the delivery of its care related services that range from Social and Domicilliary Care as well as joint services with NHS trusts.

By utilising DRS Scheduler, local authorities are able to plan and roster their staff in the most efficient way to manage services demand. With route optimisation and intra-day scheduling to ensure that travel time is minimised and time with service users is maximised.

Kirona Job Manager used on a mobile device, securely provides field staff with comprehensive data for the service user, and the ability to record all actions taken whilst on site and update back-office system records remotely.