Streamlining Public Sector Service

Enabling You To Do More With Less

Kirona works with a wide range of Public Sector organisations, including central Government departments and Local Authorities. Kirona’s field service management solutions enables streamlined processes and delivery of quantifiable improved field-based services across every department including housing, environmental services, social care and more.

By using Kirona’s leading field service management software, Government organisations, Local Authorities and District Councils are able to appoint, schedule and manage work in the optimum way.

With Kirona field based workers remain connected and work can be tracked in real-time; and true insight can be gained across the entire operation enabling continuous improvement.

Kirona enables delivery of data and services to field resources to carry out their job efficiently, eliminating paperwork, speed up job completion and support data capture on a range of platforms and devices. Kirona’s DRS Scheduler provides intelligent appointments and dynamic scheduling of resources or assets.

G-Cloud Digital Marketplace

Kirona has been awarded G-Cloud 9 Digital Marketplace Framework supplier status by the Crown Commercial Service.

Public sector organisations can purchase Kirona’s software as a service through the G-Cloud 9 Digital Marketplace framework, including its Job Manager mobile application to enable delivery of data and services to field resources to carry out their job efficiently, eliminating paperwork, speed up job completion and support data capture on a range of platforms and devices. Kirona’s DRS Scheduler provides intelligent appointments and dynamic scheduling of resources or assets.

Access the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace for more information.

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The civil service is facing unprecedented budget pressures. As budget cuts continue to take its toll, departments are being asked to make ever-greater efficiency savings, at the same time as boosting their productivity and improving public services. Our research shows that the civil service is not innovative in its approach to managing mobile workers. Compared to other areas where government has made big leaps in its use of cutting-edge software, fieldwork has been left behind.

Download our Whitepaper: Identifying Effective Mobile Workforce Management to find out more

Whitepaper - Government field working

Street Services

We help street services departments to manage and optimise their work across planned maintenance, cyclical tasks and responsive jobs. Here it is not just about scheduling human resources but also the vehicles and equipment required to complete each task.

DRS Scheduler enables better planning and dynamic scheduling of resources so that more tasks to be completed each day. By equipping each field worker with a mobile solution, managers are able to track location in real-time and also to track progress against work for each team. This allows managers to dynamically reschedule during the day to account for emergency work.

Social Care

We help Local Authorities to optimise their delivery of social and domiciliary care. Through efficient scheduling, minimising travel and significantly reducing paperwork in the field staff are afforded more time to deliver care services.

DRS Scheduler enables more activities to be appointed, delivering convenience to those being cared for and optimising the schedule of the carer. By equipping field-based staff with Job Manager, paperwork is almost completely eliminated, with information flowing to the carers’ mobile device in real-time.

Environmental Services

Kirona is helping Regulatory & Environmental Service departments across the UK to increase the number of inspections and visits they can carry out each day with their existing workforce, and reduce the “turn-around time” for individual inspections, visits and cases.

We do this by leveraging DRS Scheduler to ensure that daily visit schedules and appointments are optimised to reduce unnecessary travel. We also streamline processes through the use of Job Manager mobile working to deliver essential information directly to the mobile device of the field-based inspector.

Recycling & Waste

Through field service automation we are helping Local Authorities to increase productivity and operate recycling and waste services far more efficiently. We do this through providing in-cab vehicles solutions that direct teams through their collection rounds.

By taking advantage of our leading route optimisation capability, work can be scheduled in a way that minimises travel and maximises the number of tasks completed per day. Through our mobile working application, a full audit trail of field-based activities tracked, providing managers with real-time visibility of how the day is progressing.

Building Control

Through the use of Kirona field service automation, we enable building control departments to maximise the time available in the field for inspectors. We do this by streamlining processes to reduce the amount of paperwork and administration associated with their work.

DRS Scheduler allows us to optimise field-based work through appointment setting that minimises travel time. Through the use of Job Manager field based workers have access on their mobile device to the information they need and can directly capture required information, including photographs, while in the field.

Social Housing

We enable Local Authorities to drive efficiencies across every aspect of social housing service including Customer Services, Estate Inspections, Tenancy Visits, Arrears Management and Property Services.

By combining Dynamic Resource Scheduling with Mobile Working, more activity can be appointed and executed in the most effective way. Information captured in the field can be automatically uploaded to systems and progress against schedule can be tracked, managed and responded to in real-time.