Private & Non-Profit Organisations

At Kirona, we are also helping the healthcare private sector and non-profit organisations to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of the care they provide in the field. We do this through our comprehensive Workflow Management Tools for non profit organisations which ensure that the right person is aligned to each patient and maximises the time that field-based staff spend with patients.

By mobilising field based workers with Kirona Job Manager processes are instantly streamlined. The information that field-based practitioners and carers require is presented to them on their mobile device. They can capture information during their visits and this information is then automatically and immediately uploaded to centralised systems.

By using Kirona field automation applications, private and non-profit healthcare providers are able to operate a highly efficient appointment-based service that maximises the productivity of each field professional while meeting their commitments to patients and delivering the best possible service.

Why focus on fieldwork?

The challenge for the NHS to do more for less is well recognised. The continued funding squeeze, rising demand and the need to safeguard quality, combine to exert pressure across the entire system, with none of these factors likely to abate. There is now wide consensus that health care needs to change to meet these demands.

Mobile workforce technology can help to respond to the pressures and enable change. However, despite the potential benefits of technology, it is generally acknowledged that its adoption within the healthcare sector is slow and disparate.

Our research shows that the civil service is not innovative in its approach to managing mobile workers. Compared to other areas where the government has made big leaps in its use of cutting-edge software, fieldwork has been left behind.

Workflow Management Tools for non profit organisations


The 7 Deadly Sins of Managing Healthcare Workers in the Field


To help avoid any potential pitfalls of managing community based health workers, Kirona has outlined the seven deadly sins to avoid and provided tips on providing a service that is caring, efficient and reliable. Read the whitepaper to find out more.